Understanding the Common Volvo D4 Engine Problems (And How To Fix)

Although the Volvo is a dependable brand, there are some Volvo D4 engine problems that may come along.

This is why it is important to have these issues resolved and to determine what can be causing them.

So, if you happen to be a Volvo owner, and particularly with the D4 engine, you may want to stay in the know when it comes to identifying these common issues and what you can do about them. Let’s take a look at these typical problems and how to deal with them.

volvo d4 engine problems

Volvo D4 Engine Problems

According to some owners of the Volvo D4, there appears to be frequent issues in regards to the EGR or the Exhaust Gas Recycling function. There are those who observe the check engine light illuminating, which can be a cause of concern especially for those who notice this while driving.

For instance, one driver noticed that the EGR valve was acting up. And this appears to be a common and typical issue with vehicles that come with the D4 engine. Although this may be typical, it is fine to drive the vehicle even with this problem. But if the issue persists constantly, then you will have to keep in touch with Volvo Assist to get it resolved.

One person complained that although the D4 engine in his XC60 was fairly new and was only at 3700 kilometers mileage, a service needs to be done because the EGR appears to be partly clogged. Hence, this limited the valve’s movement. Moreover, this is a common issue with newer D4 engines. The dealer has received quite a number of calls complaining about the same problem. 

Now, the dealer performed two things to resolve the issue including conducting a software update on the vehicle. Furthermore, they also did an EGR replacement with a revised or newly designed model. These were also ordered from Sweden, which is where the vehicle was originally manufactured.

Unfortunately, although fixes were made, it is frustrating to know that such an issue appears even with such a newer vehicle. For a car with a low mileage, it is not comforting to know that an EGR issue is likely to arise.

In other cases, the EGR valve is faulty, which blocks the cooler out for a long time. To make things worse, the issue appears even with only 1200 miles on the car. There are also some complications that may arise to other components, including the catalytic converter.

But according to Volvo, this would not damage the motor. After all, the purpose of the EGR valve is to reduce emissions instead of causing serious damage to the engine and its operation.

Moreover, the exhaust gas is recycled fairly during lighter throttle or at a low RPM. When your engine does some serious or tasking work, then this causes the EGR valve to shut down and halt the exhaust that is being recycled.

There is also the case with the DPF, where the EGR valve shuts as the DPF regenerates in a new vehicle. The exhaust gas temperature rises, which is needed for the optimal regeneration temperature. Hence, there is no damage to the engine when the EGR cooler is clogged.

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Volvo D4 engine problems arise, especially with newer models. This can lead to EGR cooler concerns, which can be frustrating to deal with. Thus, it is best to visit your dealer when you encounter such issues to get these resolved sooner than later.

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  1. The dealership won’t help unless the car has full main dealer service history which is convenient for them but as I own one of these lemons with constant egr problems I’d advise to steer clear


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