Volvo D2 Engine Problems And Common Solutions

Although the Volvo is a reliable brand, there are some issues that can come along, such as the Volvo D2 engine problems.

There are a few owners who complain about these issues and wonder what can be done about them.

If you are one of those who wish to be proactive and prepare for these issues, or you are already experiencing these issues and want to address them properly, keep reading to learn more.

volvo d2 engine problems

Volvo D2 Engine Problems You Need To Know

Some people talk about a problem with their D2 engine being rather “lazy” and producing a less-than-perfect throttle response.

For instance, when parking their car and with the engine still running, a push on the throttle that would reach about 1000 to 1400 RPM would lead to a not-so-smooth performance. Moreover, the RPM needle would jump up or down slightly, combined with some vibration.

With such slow response, there is a need to give it a bit more throttle while driving. When not done this way, the engine tends to stop or even dies completely.

While this issue does not happen all the time, there are folks who notice that although their engine starts right away, letting the RPM go below 2000 and then pushing the throttle causes a slow acceleration. It also responds rather slowly when below 2000 RPM.

What you can do when you experience this issue is to give a bit more throttle when you lift the clutch. But then again, there is the issue with the RPM needle moving a lot and the vibration continues. Hence, it can be a concerning thing to deal with for most people.

This is why it helps to take your Volvo to a mechanic and get the issue checked. If the problem is not constant and only periodic, it can be concerning. Moreover, the issue may be even worse during the dryer or hotter weather.

Such problems can cause people to assume that it may be due to the DPF once it has been cleaned. But the thing is that it can also be observed for an hour. So, it makes one think if this is still due to the DPF cleaning or not.

After a visit to your Volvo dealer, you may be advised to have the engine upgraded. Some people still notice very minimal vibration at about 1200 to 1300 RPM, yet the throttle response has gotten better and feels more normal than what it used to be.

Injector Issues

You may also encounter a problem with the injector, such as showing an error with this component. However, this does not usually mean there is damage. Injectors simply need to be coded to your engine once installed.

Keep in mind that this coding process includes the calibration of individual flow rates into your ECM. But over time, injectors tend to wear out, especially when you use a subpar quality of fuel. Hence, these parts get worn out and there is buildup that prevents the ECM from offsetting enough for it to compensate. Hence, a replacement is the only solution for this problem.

Issue With Older Engines

When you encounter Volvo D2 engine problems, it helps to pay attention to certain factors such as the age of your vehicle and your driving history. Perhaps you have had it for a long time and incurred too much mileage.

In the case of some owners, a 2011 vehicle with over 100,000 kilometers may eventually show some signs of problems with the engine. Some of the more common problems include error in the injector. So, when you take it to a mechanic, the injectors will be taken out and checked. Then, these will be cleaned and returned.

Sometimes, it could be due to a poor fuel quality or when you fail to do a software update. Yet, if you still observe an issue even after updating the software, it may mean that the injectors are simply acting up because of age.

When at 100,000 kilometers or so, the injectors tend to play up. This is why some folks get their injectors rebuilt by a professional. This means getting new atomiser tips, seals, and needles. Or, you can also purchase a brand new set.

Once you have all the new parts, a specialist needs to fit this and use the right Volvo diagnostic kit, which is used for coding your injectors.

There are also complaints about the D2 engine being more problematic, especially when in the summer after the cooler months. But what you can do is to do a few revs, and this should help it settle down.

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Wrap Up

Volvo D2 engine problems do arise, albeit not quite serious in some cases. There are people who complain about the throttle not being so good, or some error codes during the diagnosis process.

But there are always some techniques to address these problems, especially once you take your vehicle to a professional Volvo dealer. So, be sure to have your vehicle checked at the first sign of a problem, so you can have it fixed right away instead of waiting for further damage to take place and result in a more expensive and more invasive fix.

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