Volvo Polestar Software Upgrade Review

In this Volvo Polestar software upgrade review, we will discuss what you can expect from it and whether it is worth it or not.

After all, it’s a bit of an investment to proceed to this task. This is why you need to carefully think about going through this upgrade or not.

Let’s talk about the Volvo Polestar upgrade price, benefits, and everything you need to know before you get started.

volvo polestar software upgrade review

Volvo Polestar Software Upgrade Review

First of all, the Volvo Polestar software upgrade is a download that you need to buy and install straight at your Volvo retailer.

Polestar engineers engaged in this activity perform a holistic approach, which helps to elevate your driving experience.

There are about five important functions in your vehicle that are optimized. As a result, the response is quicker and the performance is much better. This is essential for folks who want to get the most out of their driving such as the ones engaged on the racetrack.

With this in mind, the purpose of this upgrade is for sheer optimization – to make sure that you get the fastest, most efficient, and most convenient experience from driving your volvo.

Moreover, Polar optimization is quite extensive. It offers an enhancement of your vehicle’s entire powertrain. The focus is on a number of critical performance areas in every vehicle. This is why you can achieve more precious and balance in driving.

As for the length of time it takes to install these optimizations, it should not take over an hour. Most importantly, it will not impact your existing warranty, as well as service intervals for your car maintenance needs.

It is also worth noting that the optimization software is available on every new Volvo models. In some cases, older Volvos may be able to get this software upgrade, too.

Volvo Polestar Software Upgrade Price And Benefits

The price point you are looking at when getting the Polestar optimization software upgrade is around $1,295 at the time of writing. This applies to the brand new 2022 Volvo models.

Among the benefits you can get from going through this upgrade are the following:

Quicker Passing

What this means is that the throttle response is recalibrated, which ensures an improvement in the acceleration reaction and feedback. So, if you are passing or driving on a winding road, this enhancement most definitely comes in handy. Simply release your throttle as you enter a corner, then push it down once more when exiting.

If you wish to isolate the throttle response’s effect, you need to drive slowly. This way, you can experience the engine’s reaction to the pedal’s movements.

Enhanced Control And Predictability

Another thing you can expect from this Polestar software upgrade is an improvement in control and predictability. With the recalibration of the transmission and engine, your vehicle can achieve faster responses as you release the throttle right away, offering better control and predictability.

When you drive on a winding road at about 60 MPH, you can easily decelerate to 40 MPH then speed up to 60 MPH once more. Your gearbox quickly anticipates the next move you make, which provides better acceleration and reaction to every command.

Faster Acceleration And Gear Shifts

The software upgrade also helps your vehicle to achieve an increase in shift speed. Thus, your car is able to accelerate at a faster level and react directly to every input you make.

Accelerate at a quicker pace when you overtake another car on the road. As the shift speed goes up, you can do quicker up and down shifts with less response time to your input. Do take note that this is only applicable to automatic transmission vehicles.

Gear Shift Enhancement

With an optimization on the gear shift, you can experience better precision as you drive even with a faster acceleration. The calibration done to the gear shift points helps to utilize enhanced mid-range engine action. At the same time, the gear hold feature retains the similar gear when you corner with a higher lateral G-force.

To experience this feature, consider accelerating from a slow speed. Then, your gearbox will shift the appropriate gear to utilize an optimized engine performance. Be sure to keep the similar speed through the corner and discover the gearbox retaining the same gear.

Hence, your gearbox helps with keeping the car well-balanced through a corner, preventing undesirable gear shifts. Also, you have the power required to accelerate when you exit the curve.

Great Power

Optimizations are designed to offer a greater performance in your engine’s mid-range performance. This is why if you are on the racetrack, or you come out of a turn or enter a highway, you can easily get the power you need.

As you accelerate from a standstill and then cranking it up to 30 up to 45 MPH, you should notice the optimized engine’s power. You can get the improved performance you want in every situation.

Greater Torque

Your rear wheels can get an enhanced torque, which results in a greater, more dynamic driving experience. Moreover, there is an improvement in your control when cornering, as well as enhanced traction at every take-off.

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Additional Facts On Volvo Polestar Software Upgrade

The upgrade is designed to improve traction when you exit corners, as well as cornering. There is also a visible improvement in the steering turning in, which is why you can expect a more enhanced performance from your vehicle.

It is applicable to brand new Volvo vehicles (all-wheel-drive) that are created on the SPA and CMA platforms except for plug-in hybrids that have existing extra rear torque bias. Hence, this upgrade covers a number of the Volvo 90 series such as the S90, XC90, and V90, including the XC40, and the 60 series.

With all these improvements and enhancements to your vehicle’s performance, you can achieve greater satisfaction in your drive. Overall, the Polestar upgrade software upgrade offers a bang for your buck and is worth it.

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