Common Volvo V40 Automatic Gearbox Problems And What To Do

Are you thinking of the usual Volvo V40 automatic gearbox problems and the solutions for these?

Driving your car is already complex, but it gets even more challenging when problems arise.

But at the same time, a Volvo V40 automatic adds to the ease of driving. After all, it is much more comfortable to drive and takes the stress out in operating your vehicle.

Yet, there are instances when issues may arise with your automatic gearbox. This is why it is best to be aware of these and know what to do about them.

volvo v40 automatic gearbox problems

Volvo V40 Automatic Gearbox Problems

For the most part, gearboxes are designed to add ease of usage. In fact, you don’t have to use the clutch pedal. Everything is mechanical and electronic, so this makes things much easier for you.

But at the same time, your overall experience with the automatic gearbox depends on the type you have. This is why it is good to determine the types of Volvo V40 automatic gearbox to determine what to expect from each.

First, let’s talk about the classic type. This one has a torque converter that ensures gear changes. It is the first-ever developed automatic gearbox design, although so many things have changed over the years. Thus, further enhancements make it easier to manner the gear changes while enhancing the speeds.

Second, there are robotized automatic gearboxes. For this one, it is a manual type that uses some kind of a mechanism to take the place of movements that drivers typically perform. This is not as common as the other automatic gearboxes because of the slower speed. There is also a greater likelihood of feeling jerks when you decelerate.

Next, we have the double-clutch automatic gearbox. The same principle applies as with the robotic gearbox but the double clutch prevents any slippage issues, as well as overconsumption. These are also commonly found on luxury models of vehicles.

And then we have the continuously variable automatic gearbox. Think of these kind of like how scooters work, where the variator controls the differences between the engine’s rotational speed and acceleration. However, they don’t have impressive responsiveness and can be quite slow during your vehicle’s acceleration phases.

Now, some people encounter some issues with their Volvo V40’s automatic gearbox. For instance, there is the usual slippage problem. This is due to the common slow speed and inertia when accelerating. But at the same time, this is typically observed when you start your car and gets worse when shifting gears while you are running your vehicle.

But if you notice that this symptom is more frequent, then it is definitely because of a worn out converter or clutch. 

If you think that the gear in your automatic gearbox fails to shift or often jumps, then there is a malfunctioning part there that needs to be addressed. The solenoid that helps with the shifting is faulty, as well as the possible damage to the speed sensor, which delivers the wrong information to your gearbox.

When you notice some jerks in your Volvo V40’s automatic gearbox, especially when slowing down or accelerating, it means that the gearbox oil needs to be changed. Furthermore, it could be a problem with the sensor that sends out incorrect information.

And lastly, there is the case of leaks in your automatic gearbox. If this happens, the oil seals may be damaged, so you will have to replace these. First, you need to locate the leak and replace the affected seal. But it is best to not try to perform any repair work by yourself since gearbox intervention is a very complex job even if it may appear simple to change a seal.

We would also like to mention that if you detect a sensor problem, then you definitely have to replace it. Unfortunately, there is no way to repair the sensor, so the entire process should cost you about $100 or so

Coupling issues can also happen, which means that you have to first drain your gearbox completely to provide comfort and improve your transmission’s lifespan.

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Wrapping Up

When you encounter Volvo V40 automatic gearbox problems, you need to consider the root of the issue before you try to troubleshoot anything. 

For instance, make sure that you check the clutch disc, especially when it is dead. You need to change it while in other cases, it may not be possible to change it unless you have a standard clutch replacement. This can be an expensive fix, so it is best to be prepared for the cost.

Otherwise, some non-invasive techniques can be done to solve these Volvo V40 automatic gearbox problems, and your vehicle should be good as new!

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