Can You Drive A Keyless Car Without The Key? Tips & Tricks!

Can you drive a keyless car without the key?

If you have a keyless car but had the unfortunate situation of losing the fob, then you may find yourself worried about what to do next.

Convenience is the prevailing theme in this modern world. This is why in the automotive industry, car manufacturers are designing seamless ways to drive vehicles. Thus, keyless cars are not uncommon nowadays.

However, there are certain things to consider with these cars, especially if you accidentally lost your key. So, will you be able to drive even without a key? Here are things you might want to know!

can you drive a keyless car without the key

Can You Drive A Keyless Car Without The Key

If you have no key, and you have a keyless car, then you are probably concerned about not being able to start your vehicle.

Perhaps you have accidentally misplaced your key. Or you may have thrown the fob out the window by mistake while driving.

But if your engine is still running, you will be alerted that your key is not in place, which is why you can still drive until you park the vehicle in a safe place.

Many fobs come with a design that lets you tuck it away in your purse or pocket. When the fob is dead, then you are probably wondering if you can still use it to drive your car. Thankfully, this key is fitted into your fob. Car ignitions that come with key features let you drive with the fob and key.

When you drive with the fan, this transmits a low-frequency signal that the computer system recognizes. This is why a key entry lets you get into your car even without the fob if you have a fob key.

The car is able to recognize your fob because of the keyless ignition, and it will also recognize the key. Hence, you can open the door without having to hit the button.

Additional Facts About Keyless Cars

There are cars with spare keys tucked away on the door lock. This is why if you accidentally lost your fob key, or in case it is dead, you will be able to drive your vehicle if there is an emergency key. You should be able to remove the key with a screwdriver. Yet, you need to be careful to avoid causing damage to your vehicle as you remove the key.

With this in mind, you can most definitely drive your car even without the original key since you can use the emergency key provided.

The keyless ignition feature is available in most newer car models. This system fits many vehicles and there are some that come with apps that allow drivers to navigate when they have lost the key. Moreover, the keyless ignition recognizes the app and works just as fine as the fob key.

But if you don’t have your app installed, then you will have to contact your dealer or manufacturer to give you the required app lock. This should work well with your vehicle. Then, you can use the app to access your car in case your fob has died while in transit or if you lost your fob key.

Another feature of the app is that this can deter theft and break-ins since your vehicle only recognizes this particular signal from the app designed for your car. This makes your car difficult for intruders to break into, which is why it functions like a smart lock.

Unauthorized people will have to hack right into the system. But since manufacturers use a state-of-the-art technology that’s protected from hacks and malware, then your vehicle is safe from theft.

Cars that come with an app lock also lack a metal key, which can be duplicated. It lacks a mechanical steering components that thieves need to force and break into when they want to get into your vehicle.

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Bottom Line

Overall, convenience and seamless driving are key reasons why there are keyless cars nowadays. It also works for folks who suffer from motion disabilities. If you have lost your key, you will still be able to drive your keyless car with some techniques. And we hope we were able to help you with these tips we have just shared with you!

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