Kia Sorento Key Fob Not Working? Try These Tips!

Are you worried about your Kia Sorento key fob not working?

Generally, key fobs are fun to have. They make driving easier for you, which is one of their perks.

Yet, over time, you can expect your key fob to just stop working, which can be an inconvenience. Even if all you are dealing with is a dead battery, it can still be an inconvenience since you run the risk of not being able to unlock the door with the remote.

There are most definitely some reasons that your key fob will stop working. Thankfully, many of these can be easy for you to check and address. Here are some things you can do in case your key fob fails to work.

kia sorento key fob not working

Kia Sorento Key Fob Not Working?

Do you worry about your key fob not working? Don’t fret – it is always possible to fix any issue with your key fob.

Check these five things once you notice your key fob not working to help you determine the problem.

1. Use a backup remote to make sure the other remote you have is faulty (and that the issue is not with your vehicle).

2. Check the key fob battery and have it replaced if need be.

3. Take the fob apart and inspect for misaligned buttons or broken contacts that may be causing the problem.

4. Reprogram the remote whether by a professional or by yourself.

5. Replace the fob if necessary.

Now, you may want to make sure if the remote is indeed the issue. For instance, you can use a second remote to verify this. For example, if the backup fob is able to lock and unlock the car doors, then the main remote is the issue.

However, if both remotes don’t work, then the issue is with your door locks’ electrical or mechanical components. So, you will have to get these checked by a professional.

But what if you have no spare remote, you may ask. Well, it should be easy to purchase one from or buy a used one from a local dealership. They may even have some kind of a universal remote that you can use to check if your fob’s lock mechanism is faulty or not.

Another thing to think about is that there may be a problem with the car’s electrical system. If you are able to unlock or lock the door mechanically, then the issue is electrical. So, try using your main physical controls in the vehicle to rule out the issue with electronics.

Perhaps the receiver is faulty or disconnected. But it is also possible that the problem is with the keyless entry remote. Check under and behind the dashboard for any loose wires. However, avoid connecting or plugging anything in case you are unable to verify that the problem is with your keyless door lock receiver.

Problem With Batteries

problem with batteries

Many key remotes come with category 4 type of button cell batteries. These are relatively cheap, yet you should still make sure the battery is indeed of this type and determine if it is still good or needs to be replaced.

If you cannot find information on the type of battery your key fob uses, you can always contact your local dealer or check the manual. Sometimes, simply opening the remote and checking the battery yourself are ways to go about it.

Check for the number indicated on the battery such as CR1620, CR2025, CR1632, or CR2032. These are commonly in such applications.

When you know the battery in your remote, then it should be easy to either test the voltage using a multimeter or use a brand new battery. The reading should be 3 or 3.6 volts.

Some old batteries may present a nominal voltage and yet not work under a load. This is why a battery that is over 5 years old needs to be replaced regardless. Use a fresh, brand new battery to get your locks working fine once more.

If this solves the issue, then you are good to go!

Issue With Broken Contacts

In case you still notice that the remote is not working after changing the battery, then broken contacts may be the issue or even the buttons.

Key fobs are also prone to physical abuse – and these are most definitely likely to cause damage.

Check the remote by pulling it apart and visually inspecting the pieces. If the connector terminals appear to be broken, or perhaps loose, then you can solder the pieces back in place. Or, you can also take it to a professional to do this for you.

Reprogramming Your Key Fob

reprogramming your key fob

Lastly, you may need to reprogram the key if it is still not working even after replacing the battery and fixing the broken contacts or loose wiring.

You can do this by getting in your vehicle rather than closing the door. Then, insert your key in the ignition and turn to “run” and then back to “lock” a few times in a row.

If you hear the engine start, the key is turned too far. Only put it to run position instead of start.

This will create a chiming sound after cycling for a few times. Then, press the lock or unlock button to generate another chime sound.

This should reprogram the key fob, and it should work fine.

There are other methods you can use with special equipment, and you may need to contact your dealership to help you out.

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After trying all of these tips and your key fob is still not working, then you may have to either get your car fixed if the issue is with your vehicle’s electrical system or have the remote replaced. Then, you can use the features and functions of the key fob and have a seamless driving experience once more.

2 thoughts on “Kia Sorento Key Fob Not Working? Try These Tips!”

  1. I have a 2020 Kia Sorrento… I have change the batteries in my fob remote and needless to say this did not work, I manually lock the drivers door and both back doors. The front passenger door does not lock. My phone incoming and outgoing
    only received in the car. Can not receive a regular phone call. The radio will not shut off either all lit up. I guess my battery will deplete??? Since this is a holiday weekend.
    I am willing to try to reset fob but I do not see instruction for a 2020 remote.
    Please help… Lyn Baumann

    • Hi Lyn, I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with your 2020 Kia Sorrento. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to reset your fob and address the issues you’re having:

      – Re-sync your key fob: Press and hold the lock and unlock buttons on your key fob simultaneously for about 10 seconds. This should re-sync the key fob with the car.

      – Check the battery connection: Make sure the battery is installed correctly and the battery connections are secure.

      – Try a new battery: It’s possible that the new battery you used for your key fob is defective or not the correct type. Try a new battery and make sure it’s the correct type for your key fob.

      – Check the front passenger door lock: It’s possible that there is an issue with the lock mechanism in the front passenger door. Try locking and unlocking the door manually a few times to see if it starts working again. If not, you may need to take it to a mechanic or dealer to have it fixed.

      – Check your phone settings: Make sure your phone is paired with the car’s Bluetooth and that the audio settings are configured correctly.

      – Turn off the radio: If your radio is stuck on, try holding down the power button for a few seconds to turn it off. If that doesn’t work, you may need to disconnect the car battery to reset the system.

      If none of these steps work, you may need to take your car to a dealership or mechanic to have it inspected and repaired. Good luck!


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