What To Do With A Honda CRV Bluetooth Not Working

Are you concerned about your Honda CRV Bluetooth not working?

It is quite inconvenient when you discover that your Bluetooth is not functioning as it should. After all, it adds to your overall experience when the audio system works. This is why if you have an issue with your Honda CRV Bluetooth, it is most definitely frustrating to deal with.

Now, this Honda SUV model typically has Bluetooth technology as one of its standard features. There should be no issue at all when the connection is correct and the setup is seamless. So it is all about making sure that the setup is properly done to avoid any problem with it.

Today, we will explore the best ways to set up your Bluetooth in the Honda CRV to address any issues and make sure it works reliably all the time. Let’s get started.

honda crv bluetooth not working

What To Do With Honda CRV Bluetooth Not Working

First, you need to make sure that your Bluetooth is paired correctly in your Honda CRV. As you can see, the Bluetooth functionality offers a number of benefits such as hands-free call features when you make phone calls. This is why you first have to pair your Bluetooth with your phone, then be sure to follow all prompts you get in your Honda CRV’s settings.

It is actually quite simple to pair them up. Begin by enabling Bluetooth on your phone. While your Honda CRV is running, be sure to keep it in park mode and get to the settings, select “phone” and search the list of devices available. You will have to choose your particular phone among the list present in the Bluetooth devices. If it is not there, you will have to add it.

Now, if you are looking to set up your other Bluetooth devices with your Honda CRV, you will need to turn on your device’s Bluetooth function and in the settings menu choose the device you are looking to pair. You may have to add your device if it is not in the list.

There are instances when you may want to reset the Bluetooth on your Honda CRV. This is necessary when one of the devices previously paired is not needed anymore. This process is actually quite easy to do, so you will have no problem completing it properly.

When resetting the Bluetooth device on your vehicle, start by tapping on the device type’s icon you find on your display screen. Choose the device you want to reset and then select delete. This way, the device is already deleted from the list and not included in the Bluetooth device available on your car.

Additional Points To Consider

Setting up the Bluetooth technology on your vehicle is easy to do. The same goes for when you want to make some changes. Only a few simple actions are required when you want to delete, reset or make other changes to it.

For instance, when removing a device from your vehicle’s list of paired devices, simply go to your display screen and choose the device you are looking to remove. This permanently deletes that device until you decide to add it once more in the future.

In the event that you encounter a problem with your Honda CRV Bluetooth not working, you will realize that they are actually quite easy to resolve. By doing so, you can once again enjoy all the amazing benefits that your Bluetooth has to offer.

One common concern with the Honda CRV Bluetooth is not having data. Thankfully, this is an easy problem to fix. When your USB device fails to recognize the files in it, you only need to turn your device off and do a reboot. Afterwards, you should be able to get the Bluetooth working as it should.

Next, there may be some connection issues. This usually happens when you have not set the Bluetooth device up correctly. Just turn the Bluetooth pairing mode on both of your devices, and make sure that the connection has been completed properly.

Additionally, it is likely to be an issue with not turning your Bluetooth pairing mode well on both of your devices. Turn the pairing mode on and this should amend the issue and ensure a connection process.

There are also cases when a connection does not become successful because your device has a low battery. Therefore, it is unable to secure a connection. Or, you may be in a location where the signal is not strong enough. So you need to find a better area where there are no obstructions to the signal.

Do you also encounter issues with turning the Bluetooth feature on? In this case, you may have had your connection disabled inadvertently. All you need to do is to turn it back on, so you can perform a connection.

Audio problems may also exist with your Bluetooth system. What this means is that you may have paired your device with your vehicle’s Bluetooth, yet no sound is coming out when you turn your audio system on. 

Sometimes, it could be an issue you can fix by doing a reset on your Bluetooth system. Perhaps, it is temporarily frozen, so a reset should be able to fix this issue. You can also consider switching from the FM to the AM setting on your radio. By doing so, your Bluetooth can catch up with the changes in channel and resume the good audio quality.

Other issues that may arise with your Honda CRV Bluetooth include a delay, which usually occurs when your phone has a low battery. Or, you may have placed your device in a distance that is too far from your Honda CRV Bluetooth. Be sure it is within 33 feet to avoid this concern.

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Final Word

When your Honda CRV Bluetooth is not working, there are a few tweaks you can do to fix the problem. We hope this has been helpful in addressing whatever concerns you are having with your device and Bluetooth connection to ensure a better experience overall.

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