Honda CR-V Anti Theft System Lost Power Issue – What Can You Do

Do you experience a Honda CR-V anti theft system lost power problem?

Perhaps you have noticed that your Honda CR-V anti theft system is not working anymore. Or, you have been observing some glitches to it lately.

If you are going through this issue lately, then we are here to help! Today’s post delves on how to deal with a Honda CR-V anti theft system problem – what to expect about it and the steps you can take to address it. Let’s get started. 

honda cr-v anti theft system lost power

How To Deal With Honda CR-V Anti Theft System Lost Power

When you have an issue with your Honda CR-V’s anti theft system, one thing you can do about it is to conduct a reset. When you reset it, this can help with resolving the problem. While it may not be straightforward to do, there are some steps you can take to go about it. 

In a nutshell, doing a reset of your anti theft system means turning your car on but without starting the engine. You need to press and hold a button found on the infotainment display. By pressing and holding it for about three seconds, the reset is done.

But at the same time, there are some instances when the system can have glitches. It may be finicky, and you may end up hearing it in the middle of the night or the alarm may even go off while you are out and about, leaving you feeling embarrassed about the noise. And worst case scenario, it may not even work at all.

With all this being said, you may need to do a reset of the system, which you can do in two simple ways. Here they are:

1. First Technique

First, you need to get into your driver’s seat then close your door. Insert the key in your ignition, turn it until you see the dash display illuminate, but be sure not to start the engine. 

While you have your electrical components on, press and hold your power button, which you can find in the infotainment display center. In around three seconds, there should be a long beep, which means that the system has completed a reset.

2. Second Technique

You can also try another technique, which is done by inserting the key into the side door (driver’s side). Turn your key to unlock and then to lock and lastly back to unlock. This is all you need to do and your anti theft system should be reset.

Understanding How It Works

Your Honda CR-V anti theft system comes with an alarm and an immobilizer. The keys also come with an embedded electronic transmitter, which communicates with your immobilizer. This prevents the engine from turning on if the key is not sensed within the vicinity.

As for the alarm system, it causes the horn to turn on and the lights to blink, which draw attention when there are unauthorized people trying to get access into your vehicle. The alarm also turns on when the tailgate, hood or one of the doors have been opened without the right key. 

Usually, this alarm goes off for about two minutes. It only stops when you manually turn it off. You can either press the open button on the remote to shut it off or use your mechanical key for starting the vehicle.

Since Honda makes use of these electronic transponders located in the key, you will have to program the new keys obtained for your vehicle. This is necessary to make sure it is recognized by the anti-theft system of your vehicle. 

To program your new key, it takes some skill and understanding of how it is done. You will begin by gathering up your other keys and making sure one of them is working. Next, get inside your vehicle, close your door and perform these steps:

  • Insert the ignition key into your ignition
  • Turn your vehicle on but do not start the engine
  • After four seconds of starting your vehicle, press the unlock or lock buttons on your remote for a second
  • Turn the car off within four seconds 
  • Repeat steps number two through four about three times
  • Then turn your key to “on” and in 9 seconds, press your unlock or lock button on each of the remote keys
  • Turn your vehicle off and take the key out of the ignition

Now, you have your new key programmed and ready for use. It is best to perform these steps correctly and with the right timing. Otherwise, you may need to redo the process. Test your remote transmitters just to be sure that this process worked well. 

As we have mentioned earlier, a few things can trigger your anti theft system. But sometimes, false alarms can happen because of a low car battery, dead FOB battery, corrosion to your battery terminals, or the door is not closed correctly. There are also other issues to take note of that lead to problems with your anti theft system such as ECU issues, overly responsive sensors, and a faulty hood latch.

If you are still unsure what is causing the problem, you will have to take your vehicle to the dealership and get it checked by a professional.

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Bottom Line

When you have an issue with your Honda CR-V anti theft system lost power, the best thing to do is to determine what triggers it. Sometimes, a reset may be done to correct this problem. And for this, we have shared some tips on how you can get it done.

But if the issue persists, you will need to bring your car over to your local dealership, so they can identify the reason behind this fault and perform the right action to resolve it. Considering the importance of having a properly working anti theft system, it is best to have this issue addressed sooner than later for your peace of mind.

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