Expert Tips On Honda Accord Climate Control Reset

You may be wondering why you would need to do a Honda Accord climate control reset.

If you are an owner of a Honda Accord, you may have known that it is one of the most popular models of vehicles today. Many people consider this vehicle because of its spacious interiors, elegant style and durability. Whether it is for day to day commutes or leisure trips, you can count on your Honda Accord.

But if you are having a difficult time with the climate control functions of this vehicle, it may be a stressful experience for you. It is definitely not easy to appreciate your Honda Accord when the climate control appears to be broken. 

This is why if this is something you are dealing with, keep reading to find out why exactly you may need a climate control reset for your vehicle. Let’s get started.

honda accord climate control reset

Why You Need To Do A Honda Accord Climate Control Reset

There are a few issues that may occur on your Honda Accord. Thankfully, many of these can be addressed by a simple climate control reset. Here they are:

1. Control Panel Not Working

You may have a reliable vehicle, yet some issues may arise at one point or another. For example, the control panel of your air conditioning unit may malfunction over time. What happens is that your AC can be switched on, there is air being blown out of the fan, yet the air is warm instead of cool. You may also notice that the control panel’s lights stay off.

If this is the case, you may be dealing with a blown fuse. You may want to check your #13 fuse, particularly the 7.5 amp fuse. If so, you will have to replace it and do a reset to your climate control.

2. Faulty Circuit

Another issue that you may encounter with the climate control that would eventually require a reset is when the circuits have become faulty. There is a circuit inside your vehicle, which is where your panel gets power from.

Moreover, this is the panel that gets the code needed for it to operate. When you turn the control panel’s knob or press a button, this circuit located at the back of your panel gets a code corresponding to the knob or button used. Afterwards, it sends out a signal across the wires to your internal circuit board, which works out the required operation.

However, where there is a faulty wire or the circuit board is damaged, then it may be necessary to replace the part that is not working right. This is not a very easy task, so you would need to take your vehicle to a mechanic to get it fixed. Then, a reset would be needed after the wire has been replaced.

3. AC compressor failing to turn on

Your vehicle’s AC compressor is a key component of the entire unit, which makes sure that cool air comes out of it. But if there is a coolant leak, it is possible that the compressor has a crack or a hole. You may also notice that the air coming out of the unit is not as strong as it used to, which means that you have a faulty compressor requiring a replacement.

Now, if you want to address this issue, you can just replace your faulty compressor. But at the same time, this can be quite an expensive fix. You do not have much choice, though, since you need to get it repaired or replaced to ensure your comfort while riding your vehicle.

4. AC fan or blowing is not working

Some people assume that all they need to do is to reset their climate control when there is no cool air coming out of their AC system. But when you have a faulty fan or blower, there is no other option but to repair the broken component. You cannot simply do a climate control reset and expect this to fix the issue.

First, be sure to check the connections of your wiring that goes to the fan or blower. Inspect for any tears or frays. We also recommend that you check your fuse, since a blown fuse can have the same symptom.

Afterwards, inspect your blower motor. You may unplug and then plug it back into your power source outside the vehicle. If it continues to function, it is most likely an electrical issue instead of a motor problem. 

You should also try checking your blower transistor. When you have a faulty blower transistor, it usually results in very little to zero air emitted from the vents. You may not be able to change the setting, as well, with a simple turn of your knobs. So, you need to replace that faulty blower transistor as a last and only resort. Thankfully, it should not cost over $100.

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Final Thoughts

Having a defective climate control is the last thing you would ever want to deal with in your vehicle. But a lot of things can go wrong with it such as a blown fuse, faulty wires, broken compressor, fan or blower issue, or a heater blower resistor problem.

In some cases, you will have to also try doing a Honda Accord climate control reset that can fix the problem. This is an option but may not be applicable to all concerns with your climate control, depending on the root of the problem. 

If you are looking to do a reset, all you need to do is to shut your vehicle off and turn your key to the second position. Next, press and hold your Off button located on your climate control panel. Then, simultaneously press your defrost button, so the lights will turn on and off. Be sure it does this five times.

Finally release the button on your control panel, and a reset has been completed. This is all you need to know when it comes to doing a Honda Accord climate control reset. But as we have mentioned, a reset may not be a definitive solution to your problem depending on the cause. So, it is always good to have an expert check it for the best troubleshooting technique.

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