2016 Honda Pilot Apple Carplay Amazing Features 

A 2016 Honda Pilot Apple carplay can offer so many things to you.

If you are thinking of getting a Honda Pilot Apple CarPlay, then you are definitely not alone. There are many things to love about the CarPlay, which not many people are aware of. For instance, they only think that it only works as a direction provider when they drive.

Yet, if you are wondering what else it offers, keep reading this post to learn more. There are simply a lot of interesting features it offers, which we will share with you today in this post.

Let’s get started.

2016 honda pilot apple carplay

What’s Great About Having A 2016 Honda Pilot Apple CarPlay?

If you are driving your vehicle, you want to make the experience as convenient as possible. For instance, when you connect your iPhone to the USB port or Bluetooth of your vehicle, then your CarPlay should help you to get directions needed for your driving. It also allows you to listen to your choice of music, podcast, and more. Even receiving and making phone calls and responding to text messages are easy with this special feature.

But did you know that there is so much more that the Apple CarPlay has to offer? Here are just some of the things that you may want to do to use this app in a more effective manner.

1. Driving

If you have a tendency to get distracted when you drive, then CarPlay lets you focus better on the road. It controls your notifications, which means you can choose to allow or disallow some notifications. 

For instance, you easily get distracted by phone calls when you drive. Then, when you turn the focus off, you will not be alerted by any incoming calls.  You can also set up some automated messages that will respond to those who try to contact you while driving. This is a great safety feature that will prevent you from getting constantly distracted while on the road.

2. Multitasking

Sometimes, you just want to do so much while you drive. For example, you need to get your Maps set up for directions as you drive. Yet, you may also want to play some music without losing your directions. If you have CarPlay, you can make this happen. But this is not the case with an iOS 12 or lower.

3. Dashboard control

In the past, you were only able to display one app at a given time. This was in the older iOS. So, if you need to play music and then switch to the Maps navigation display, you have to do so by going back and forth between these apps. But in the most recent iOS, you can split your screen and access up to three apps at a time. There are also configurations letting you switch easily as you tap your home button. Therefore, it is more convenient to do so many things at once on your dashboard.

4. Wallpaper customization

Sometimes, you simply want to customize your wallpaper. And this is possible by using your CarPlay. Just get into your settings and choose wallpaper. Then, tap on the image you would like to use as a wallpaper and set it. This makes your wallpaper more customized based on the style and design you have always wanted.

5. Hands-free

Next up, you may be fond of using Siri for your voice assistant. If you want to interact with her as you drive, then you can do so. Best of all, there is no longer any obstruction on the view of your vehicle’s display as you access Siri. She simply appears as a mini swirling ball located down the screen.

This is a cool new feature that you most definitely want to have. Plus, you can also let Siri give you notifications without getting distracted by your dashboard. Do take note that it is only applicable to the iOS 15 or the higher ones.

6. Locate a charging station

If your vehicle is starting to run out of power, you can have your CarPlay give you a notification when charging time is needed. Just press on the search bar in your Maps and select EV chargers. Then, you should get directions for the closest charging station from where you are.

7. Include more apps

You may be in need of more apps that you can use while driving. Thankfully, Apple has introduced more apps that are CarPlay supported. For example, you should be able to add some compatible apps for your EV charging stations, food delivery, parking, and so much more. This improves the functionality of your vehicle without a doubt.

8. Detailed map view

Sometimes you want to get more than just directions from your map. This is why you can get more details by expanding the different pieces of information available such as direction, 3D buildings, speed limit, and much more. You can also make tweaks to the directions provided to you by Siri by making it more specific for your ease and guidance.

9. Music App

Music is a must for every long or short drive. You can count on CarPlay to give you a better interface for your Music app, as long as you have the iOS 13 or the higher versions. The interface is also quite intuitive, providing further information about the music you are playing.

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Bottom Line

There are indeed so many things to appreciate about the 2016 Honda Pilot Apple CarPlay. If you want to install it in your vehicle, start by activating Siri and CarPlay in your iPhone. Then, connect your device to the USB port of your vehicle with a lightning to USB Apple-approved cable. This is often found in your center console. 

Then, this should automatically connect your device to your vehicle using Apple CArPlay, and then you can start to explore all of the features it has to offer!

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