Honda Pilot Alarm Keeps Going Off – Common Reasons And Solutions

It can get annoying when your Honda Pilot alarm keeps going off.

You rely on it for safety purposes, but when the car alarm is going non-stop, this can be quite a nuisance. But there are many things that can cause it to go off. This security feature in your vehicle is triggered by certain elements such as a vibration sensor or a shock. When motions are detected, or the system identifies some possible intrusions, it goes off automatically.

While the alarms are useful in the event of vandalism or theft, a random sounding of the alarm is not at all pleasant to deal with. So, if you are experiencing this problem with your vehicle, keep reading to know why this happens and what to do about it.

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honda pilot alarm keeps going off

Why The Honda Pilot Alarm Keeps Going Off

You may be wondering if this constant sound of the alarm can ever stop. Or if it is a big problem to be fixed.

Basically, there are certain reasons why your alarm tends to go off. These are the following:

1. Dead or weak car battery

It is true that the alarm system works for notifying you in case there is a possible intrusion to your vehicle. But this feature is also activated automatically when there are problems with your car. One of these issues is when your car battery is dead or weak. So, if you are hearing the alarm going nonstop, you may want to test the battery’s charge using a voltmeter. 

Check if the reading is under 12.6 volts. This means that you will have to replace your battery pretty soon. But if your battery is not weak or dead, and yet the alarm system is still going off, you can check the battery terminals next. When there is corrosion or rust to the terminals, your car alarm may also go off.

2. Dirty or defective hood latch sensor

Your vehicle has a hood latch sensor that wards off unauthorized individuals and lets you know when your hood is not shut properly. Hence, you will have to close the hood completely if the alarm goes off, especially when it is not triggered by potential intrusion.

Now, as with many parts of your hood, the sensor can accumulate debris and dirt over time. These foreign objects can often be detected by your hood sensor as a break-in attempt. Therefore, the alarm goes off.

You may also want to check the hood latch connection itself. Inspect for misaligned or damaged hood latch sensor. When there is damage to the hood latch sensor, the alarm can get triggered.

3. Door lock sensor problems

Just like with your hood latch sensor, there is also another component in your vehicle that detects any issue such as the door lock. Perhaps your door is not closed fully or it has been opened forcefully. If so, the alarm gets triggered and it will only go off once you have shut the doors properly. 

Keep in mind that there are many things that can cause a malfunction to your door lock sensor. These include faulty wiring, broken actuator, or moisture getting into your car door. So, it is good to inspect these things to solve this alarm issue.

4. Faulty key fob

All you need is one push of a button to gain access to your Pilot’s controls and locks. You can even start your engine with this button. But do keep in mind that it also comes with a connection to your alarm system.

Your key fob has been programmed to send out signals to your vehicle. This is why if you have a defective key fob, the wrong signal may be transmitted. Once false signals have been received, the alarm tends to go off.

There are a few reasons why your key fob is malfunctioning. Your key fob batteries may be dead or weak, or there may be a defect to the key fob itself. So, it is good to inspect your key fob if you suspect a problem with it.

5. Poorly installed alarm

In case your vehicle did not originally have an alarm, and you bought an aftermarket one and installed it yourself, there may have been issues with the installation process. It is likely that you have poorly installed the alarm, which is why it goes off non-stop. 

Additionally, it may be an issue with missing an important step in the installation process. So, it is good to retrace your steps and check what you may have missed. Then, you can simply correct this problem when your Honda Pilot alarm keeps going off.

6. Sensors are oversensitive

Your vehicle is built in with numerous sensors to determine activities happening around your Honda. Some of the sensors include impact, tilt and proximity. If you have very sensitive sensors, the alarm system can get triggered right away even if bumped only slightly. 

The best thing to do is to check the sensors and have them fixed if they tend to be oversensitive. Otherwise, allowing the alarm to go off nonstop can drain your battery quickly.

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Final Thoughts

When your Honda Pilot alarm keeps going off, it can definitely be annoying. It can also cause problems with your battery, as the non-stop sounding of the alarm drains it. This is why it is important to determine what is triggering this issue and get to the root of the problem.

There are many factors that lead to this alarm issue such as a defective key fob, weak or dead battery, poorly installed alarm system, or improperly closed doors. Your door lock sensors and other sensors may also be malfunctioning. So, it is important to get straight to the source of the problem and have it resolved sooner than later to prevent bigger issues in the future.

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