Do You Need A Volvo Modem Upgrade? All You Should Know About It!

A Volvo modem upgrade sounds about right when you want to have a faster connection.

But what does this action really entail, and how can you get it done? Also, what are the effects on those that are still on the 3G connection? 

Learn more about this modem upgrade on the Volvo and all that you need to know about it.

volvo modem upgrade

Volvo Modem Upgrade Quick Facts

First, let’s talk about the 3G network sunset, which is the reason behind this Volvo modem upgrade.

Basically, the 3G network sunset refers to the situation when mobile carriers pull out physical equipment supporting 3G mobile networks. Hence, 3G networks are no longer going to be used so that new equipment for faster connections such as 5G will be the norm. These 3G networks are also going to be removed to prevent any interference with 4G and 5G mobile networks.

Thus, it will make connections at a lightning speed. If viewed this way, it is most definitely good news for those who wish to ensure a faster, more seamless connection.

What does this mean for you? Well, it will mainly affect Volvo vehicles that have a 3G modem. In fact, you may have received a prompt to visit their website when your vehicle’s VIN is affected by this modem upgrade.

As for the services that are affected by this modem upgrade, these include your SOS, infotainment apps, Volvo cars app remote services, as well as the on call in-car services.

So, if you happen to be impacted by this modem upgrade, it is best to learn more about the next steps you need to take. 

Now, there are those who worry about the possible consequence of this to their vehicle. When you have your Volvo Cars app subscription that is bound to expire after the modem upgrade, then you will not be able to renew the app services unless you have your hardware upgraded.

You can still use the remote services when your subscription is still valid. But this is only possible when there are 3G services still available.

There is also an upgrade program to any 4G available when accessing connected services. Because of any supplier shortages and constraints, only limited upgrade is available for models that are affected by this modem upgrade.

When you would like to do an upgrade, the best way to go about it is by contacting the Volvo Customer Care or your Volvo Retailer to learn more. 

In the case of those whose vehicles are still under warranty, the upgrade is not covered. This is because your vehicle, and all the equipment included, was designed by Volvo and the 3G network sunset is by AT&T and not something to do by Volvo. Thus, it is not covered by your warranty, and you will need to buy a modem that is compatible with the network.

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Additional Details You Should Know

If you have your 4G modem installed, yet it does not work, you will have to contact the Volvo Customer Care. In some cases, there are people who notice that the system has been acting up and the doors show up as unlocked and the windows open, yet this is not the case.

The other features have also been faulty, this is why it is best to connect with the customer care services by Volvo to learn more about the best ways to get these issues rectified as soon as possible.

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