Volvo Auto Hold Service Required – Do You Need It?

Is the Volvo auto hold service required?

If you are experiencing some issues with your Volvo auto hold, consider these tips that should be able to help you out.

Find out just what you need to do, and what exactly does an auto hold service required message mean. Let’s get right into it.

volvo auto hold service required

Volvo Auto Hold Service Required

Some drivers come across a message that states their auto hold has stopped working. Hence, the switch does not light up at all, leaving folks confused and worried about what might have gone wrong.

This could easily lead people to believe that it may be a fuse issue. Yet at the same time, there are those who struggle with finding the specific fuse for this system.

With a few people, this happened because of a fault with their brake switch. This means that their entire console control needs to be replaced. This includes the drive mode selector and the start switch. The ESC may have also been disabled.

But it was only after doing a restart on the auto hold did the ESC become re-engaged. If your vehicle is still under warranty, this should be a seamless fix.

The Basics Of The Volvo Auto Hold

volvo auto hold service required

Your auto hold brake is basically on a standstill unless activated by buttons located in your tunnel console.

Press the button found in your tunnel console, which should deactivate or activate the function. Then, the indicator light found in the button will turn on once you have activated the function. It will stay active each time you start your vehicle.

When you want to shut it off, you need to hold your vehicle steady under the normal brakes. Then, depress the brake pedal as you press the button, which should deactivate the auto hold function.

This function will then stay off until you have decided to reactivate it.

Once you have the auto hold function turned off, the Hill Start Assist stays active as this prevents your vehicle from rolling back when you drive up a hill. With the help of your auto hold brake, you can simply release your brake pedal, and this applies the brake function when you are at a stop.

With your vehicle at a stop, this activates your brakes right away. It can use normal or parking brakes , which should keep your vehicle steady. It also works on any surface whether flat or uphill. If you have your seatbelt fastened or the door at the driver’s side is closed, this will cause the brakes to disengage right away once you start driving. 

Your parking brake is only activated when you have the vehicle turned off, your driver’s door is open, the seat belt has been removed, or your vehicle is at a standstill for about 5 to 10 minutes.

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It is important to understand the Volvo auto hold functions and when service is required once this feature malfunctions. Then, you can be sure that all the right procedures are performed to ensure your safety – as well as the other motorists – when you are out on the road.

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