Volvo Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change – Everything You Need To Know

Do you encounter an issue with your Volvo key fob not working after battery change?

While a battery change is sometimes a typical solution for car remotes that malfunction, there are instances when the key fob fails to function after changing the battery. 

If this is the situation you are in, the best thing to do is for you to understand what may be causing this problem.

Today, we’ll discuss all the common reasons why your key fob malfunctions after a battery change and some troubleshooting tips you can do. Let’s dive right into it.

volvo key fob not working after battery change

Causes Of Volvo Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change

There are many reasons why your key fob may fail after a battery change. By knowing the possible cause of the problem, you can then proceed to troubleshooting the issue. Let’s have a look at these common causes:

  • Damaged locks
  • Broken key
  • Worn buttons
  • Electrical problems
  • Deprogramming

You may also be encountering some problems with the battery. For this issue, you may want to begin by checking the battery your key fob has. Check the engraving on it, which typically starts with “CR” and then a series of numbers. 

However, if you are unable to see the engraved information, or your key fob has no battery, then you need to read your owner’s manual to determine this detail or go online to find out about it by looking up the model, make, and year of your vehicle.

Now, when your key fob is not working after a battery change, it is unlikely that the issue is with a dead battery. There are other possible reasons for this issue, and the cause can come in different types.

For instance, there may be a need to have your key fob replaced. In some cases, a door lock repair for your vehicle may be needed.

But if the problem is caused by a dead battery, then replacing it with a new one should work. You will know that the battery is dead when no button responds to each press you make. The lights are not flashing, hence no signal is received by your vehicle.

Here are some reasons behind your Volvo key fob not working after battery change that you may want to know.

1. Worn Buttons

This is the most common reason for a non-responsive key fob even after having the battery changed. Do keep in mind that eventually, the buttons may wear down over time. Hence, even if you have a new battery put in, there may still be no response because the buttons are broken, which prevents them from even touching the contacts.

The plastic portion may have fallen apart, which exposes the contact. So, what you can do is to test another remote to see if it works. But if both do not work, then the contact or button is not a problem. 

If you press the buttons and some work while others don’t, or perhaps the buttons only work when you press them in a certain way, then you may need to replace the housing. Changing your key fob is another option to consider.

2. Deprogramming

When you notice that your key fob is not functioning even after changing the battery, it is possible that the mechanism has been deprogrammed. This means that the onboard computer was instructed procedurally to get rid of any existing keys, which prevents access. 

This can sometimes happen when the buttons are pressed on your remote. A certain sequence sends a specific message to your onboard computer, which then invalidates the existing keys. If there are many keys in your remote that do not work right after changing the battery, then it may be due to deprogramming. 

Do keep in mind that key fobs can also be programmed to a number of vehicles. There are sequences that change in the key, which then cause the vehicle door to open. So, if you have switched your remote into an unprogrammed state, then this prevents access to your locked door.

You may be able to do the reprogramming yourself by checking the manual. Otherwise, you might need to go to a mechanic to have more professional work done to your key fob’s programming.

3. Broken Locks

Before deciding that the problem is with your key fob, you may want to rule out other possible reasons such as a damaged car door lock. Perhaps, a portion of the lock is broken, which is why you cannot open the door even with your own key fob. 

You can check if the lock is the issue by checking if the remote can open one or all doors. But if your door fails to open whether from the outside or the inside, then the answer is clear. You need to get your door lock fixed or replaced.

4. Electrical Problems

There are also some cases when your electrical system causes the issue with opening or closing your door lock. You may have recently reinstalled or removed the side panels or dashboard panels, which is why the wiring has been exposed. There is a risk of damage to the wires once exposed, which can cause electrical problems.

Check if the lights are not turning on, in addition to the key fob having problems. You should be able to have the issue addressed by a locksmith.

5. Damaged Key Fob

If there is damage to the key fob, then this will also cause some issues with locking and unlocking your car door using the remote. Damages such as blunt force, water, or even scratches to the circuit board are just some of the issues that may happen to your key fob.

When there is damage to your car remote, the only thing left to do is to replace your key. It is usually more expensive to replace any damaged key, but if the issue is a damage to the housing only, then you can opt for a partial replacement that is a bit cheaper.

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With a Volvo key fob not working after battery change, the solutions may be a tad more intricate and sometimes expensive, depending on the specific issue involved. However, you can always troubleshoot the problem yourself first, but if there is a need for a more professional solution, then you need to have a specialist give you a definitive fix to your key fob to get it working as it should.

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