How To Fix Common Volvo C70 Seat Problems

Although generally reliable, there are some Volvo C70 seat problems that you may come across with at one point or another.

Power seats are basically convenient features in any vehicle. But you may not be quite fully aware of that until you realize that your seats are broken. When this happens, the seat gets stuck in one position. This is why it can be very uncomfortable. 

Finding the best seating position can be tough and the last thing you want to happen is to experience a painful neck and back. This is why it is best to get your seat fixed and spare yourself from so much discomfort and pain.

Here, we take a look at what to expect about the power seat, what it does, and the common problems and solutions you need to know when seat problems arise. Let’s get started.

volvo c70 seat problems

Volvo C70 Seat Problems

Before we discuss these problems, let’s understand just how the power seat’s mechanism works. This is a simple system that lets your seat move to a position you prefer with just a press of a button. This is also the newest technology there is, which is a much better alternative to conventional seats that can be moved by pulling a level. 

Thus, you can easily move backward or forward with less effort. There are electric motors located underneath your seat, which enables this function. 

However, when things are not working as they should with your Volvo C70 seat, then you may need to troubleshoot it. Some people prefer to take their vehicle to a mechanic to get it fixed while others do the work themselves. 

Unfortunately, it can be quite an expensive fix when you have a mechanic work on it. In fact, you can expect to pay a few hundreds of dollars just to get it functioning as it should once more.

With this in mind, a more practical decision is by troubleshooting Volvo C70 seat problems. It can take some time and energy on your part, but it will save you money. So, if you are up to the challenge, let’s go ahead and take a look at the different troubleshooting techniques you can do.

How To Solve Volvo C70 Seat Problems

volvo c70 seat problems

First, you need to determine just how much damage there is. Identify the issue whether it is one switch or all the switches. Give these switches a try, and if it is only one switch that is not responsive, this narrows down the extent of the repair work. In most cases, it could be an issue with the motor or the switch itself.

On the other hand, if all of the switches are not working, then this could be a bigger issue. There may be a blown fuse, or could be a wiring issue, or a problem with the power. 

Check Your Fuse

It is possible that the fuse may have failed because of wear and tear. There are also instances when you may have a blown fuse due to a power surge. But with your seat, there is typically a fuse dedicated just to the circuit. So, the best way to fix a seat problem caused by a blown fuse is to simply buy a new fuse and replace your old one.

Inspect Your Rails

Another thing to look into would be the rails. For example, there may be an obstruction to the rails, which prevents the automatic movement of your seat. Before you consider bigger issues with your seat, make sure you rule out some rail problems. Clear your rails and then continue checking if you are able to move your seat more efficiently.

Go Through The Wires

Without any power, your seats are pretty much useless and non-responsive. The seats rely on power sent to them, which wires are responsible for. In the case of a seat problem, you may want to inspect the incoming wires and make sure that none of them is cut, frayed, or damaged. Sometimes, you may have rodent issues in your vehicle, which can cause damage to the wires.

While you are at it, you may also want to make sure that your wire connections are fine. The wires need to be connected properly to the final plug. This may be a tricky ordeal, and you may have to track a bunch of wires down. Hence, be sure to unplug and replug each wire connection. But don’t forget to disconnect your battery before working on this task to prevent shock.

Also, make it a point to inspect the wires at every connection. It may be possible for the wire to be damaged or bent right at the connection section, which prevents the seat from moving.

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Bottom Line

After inspecting all of the components mentioned, yet you are still unable to fix these Volvo C70 seat problems, then it would be best to head over to your mechanic to have the issue addressed. Sometimes, a bigger issue would require a professional’s expertise, so you may need to have the problem checked further for the best and most definitive solution.

But it is still worth diagnosing the problem yourself first before going to a specialist. This way, you can spare yourself for a very expensive repair cost, especially when the issue is only small and can be resolved without an expert’s help. 

We hope this article has been helpful for you, so your seat can function back to normal and prevent further inconvenience for you.

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