What To Do With Your Hyundai Ioniq Key Fob Not Working

A Hyundai Ioniq key fob not working can be frustrating. While key fobs make things much easier and more convenient for you, once these stop functioning well, it can be a nuisance.

In fact, just a dead battery can cause some frustrations, especially when you are unable to lock or unlock your car door.

With these things in mind, it helps to understand just why this happens and what you can do about it. Keep reading to learn more about the coming problems with the key fob not working and if there is anything you can do without any steep costs involved.

hyundai ioniq key fob not working

Hyundai Ioniq Key Fob Not Working – What You Can Do

When your key fob is not working, you may assume that taking it straight to a professional is the only way to get it fixed.

However, there are some things that you can try, which should be easy to perform even without the help of a specialist. With the right tools and techniques, it should be doable to troubleshoot the problems yourself.

Now, if you have observed that your key is non-responsive, you can check certain things that may be causing the issue with unlocking or locking your car door.

For instance, make sure that your key fob battery is not dead. Otherwise, you will need to buy a new battery and replace the old one.

You may also want to inspect the buttons. Make sure that they are not misaligned and the contacts are not broken. You can do this by taking the key fob apart, which allows you to gain access to the inside components.

Next, it may help to reprogram the remote. You can do this yourself or have a specialist take care of this for you.

But before you do anything to your key fob, you need to first determine if the remote is the problem. This may be somewhat basic for some people, but it can also be complex for others.

Basically, you need to check if the second remote is working. If it is, then the first one is just having some issues. A properly functioning backup remove means you will need to get the main remote checked.

However, if both remotes are not functioning, then there may be an electrical or a mechanical issue with your door locks. Hence, you need to have the door lock checked by your mechanic to have the problem resolved.

Other Issues To Consider

In some cases, you may need to inspect your key fob’s battery. Generally, remotes use a type of cell battery, which is a category 4 button. It is also important that you know what battery your key remote actually uses and to be sure that it is still good or needs replacement.

But if you are unaware of the battery type needed, you will have to check your manual or call your dealership to find out this important information. It is also possible that you need to open the remote and check the battery inside. Usually, the details are stamped or engraved on the surface. 

Once you have determined the battery your key fob uses, then you can check its voltage. Use a multimeter to carry out this task or change the battery to know if it still works.

Perhaps the old battery shows a certain voltage on your voltmeter, yet it still cannot provide the required power under a load. But if your battery is old and over five years old, it may be best to simply replace it. Even if this does not completely fix the issue, you can rest assured that the fresh battery can get your lock working as it should.

But if this solves the problem, then you are good to go. However, if the issue persists, there may be a deeper issue with your remote such as  a problem with your battery contacts or buttons. The vehicle may also have reset the lock, which is why it is unable to gain access to the key fob. Thus, reprogramming may be required for this situation. 

There are also instances when the cay key remote has a damaged internal contact. For the most part, key fobs can get some damage since these are not indestructible things. The buttons and the terminal contacts may also be failing or must have broken.

To verify if these are the causes of the problem, you may want to pull apart your remote. Conduct a thorough inspection and check the connector terminals. If you see any signs of damage, or if they appear to be loose, sometimes soldering the pieces back in place should fix the problem. 

Reprogramming Your Key Fob

hyundai ioniq key fob not working

For your key fob to work right, it needs to be paired correctly with your vehicle’s receiver unit. This way, someone with a key fob for the same model and make of vehicle will not be able to quickly and easily gain access to your car.

This is why if the remote is not working, it is possible that you need to have the vehicle’s entry system reprogrammed. You may do this by turning your key in the ignition system while keeping the doors closed. 

Once your engine starts or cranks, it means the key has been turned farther than it should. It should only be on “run” position. Check for a chime sound after cycling your key a few times. Then, press the unlock or lock button on your remote and listen for a chime.

You will know that this process has been successful when you are able to get your key fob to work again. 

There are a few other techniques you can use, and some would require a special tool. This is why if you are inexperienced with this, it is always best to have your dealer work on this task to ensure an optimal result you want.

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Final Thoughts

When your key fob for your Hyundai Ioniq is not working, you may come across some issues that can be frustrating to deal with. But hopefully, our tips can help you out with your concern. Then, you can gain access to your vehicle once more and prevent any further inconveniences along the way.

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