What To Do With A 2022 Kona Wireless Charging Not Working

When you have a 2022 Kona wireless charging not working, it can get quite frustrating and troublesome.

After all, you rely on your vehicle’s wireless charging feature for your smartphone and other devices that you would like to charge on the road.

Moreover, you would rather charge your mobile device using the wireless charging system, so there is no more reason to deal with cables and wires.

So, if you cannot seem to get your Kona wireless charging system to work, we understand why this is a bit of an issue for you. Thus, we are here to discuss what you can do when your wireless charging is glitchy, so you can have the problem straightened out properly. Let’s get started!

2022 kona wireless charging not working

Using Your Kona Wireless Charging System

The Hyundai wireless charging system offers a convenient way to change your devices without having to fuss around plugs and wires. No need to activate any switches or plugs, and it is compatible with many newer models of smartphones that come with a Qi-charging certification.

All you have to do is to set your device on the wireless charging pad, and it should immediately charge your device. As long as your device is Qi-enabled, including devices such as the iPhone X and iPhone 8, you should be able to charge these without any problem at all on the charging pad. 

However, you will need to remove metallic items from the pad before you start charging. Otherwise, it may not work properly. Additionally, there are some devices such as larger ones including the phlabet-sized Samsung S8 Plus and the iPhone 8 Plus that may not fit. So, these are some things to keep in mind when you like to charge those devices.

To begin using your wireless charging system, you need to turn the ignition on. The wireless charging pad is located at your center console, right around the USB port area. 

Then, place your device face up. You should see the Qi symbol lighting up in an orange color. This means that the charger is working.

When you are done charging your device, simply pick your phone up and take it out of the charger. 

What To Do With 2022 Kona Wireless Charging Not Working

2022 kona wireless charging not working

Normally, your wireless charging should do the job once you put your device on it. However, there are instances when it may not be charging, and this leaves you wondering what may have gone wrong.

If so, here are the things you may want to do to troubleshoot a 2022 Kona wireless charging not working.

1. Check the wireless charging system’s operation

First, check if your mobile phone is being detected when you place it on the pad. In case the battery of your phone has a high internal temperature, the device turns the power off automatically. 

It is worth noting that the phone’s temperature that turns the battery off automatically depends on the device’s model.

Next, check the placement of your device on the pad. It may be possible that you have accidentally placed your device outside of the charging range. Perhaps you placed it by the LCD side right on the surface of the charging pad, or the device was upside down.

If you have your phone turned 180 degrees, then the charging pad will not be able to detect it; hence, it will fail to charge your device.

You should also observe whether the amber LED light of the wireless charging unit turns on when you put your mobile device on the pad the right way. Otherwise, you can proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

2. Check for overheating, obstruction by a foreign matter or an overcurrent

The charging system’s overcurrent error status resets when your current goes below 4.5A. This also happens when your ACC is switched off and on again.

Any overheating of the device also triggers the wireless charging unit to turn off. Usually, it happens when the temperature goes as high as 159 degrees Fahrenheit.

If there are obstructions such as metallic clips, coins, and similar items, this will stop the charging as a way of preventing overheating. Once you have removed the foreign object, this will reset the error status.

The charging display lamp will show an amber LED light, which should remain steady. However, if it turns off and on, or it blinks for 10 seconds and then automatically switches off for about 50 seconds, then it means that the charging system is malfunctioning.

Turning your ACC off and on should reset this error status. Thus, your wireless charging should resume its normal operation once you have done a reset.

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Final Thoughts

A 2022 Kona wireless charging not working can be difficult to deal with unless you know how to troubleshoot the issue properly. We hope that these tips have been helpful for you in determining what may have caused the error status and how to fix the problem correctly.

If none of these tips have solved the issue, it is always best to take your vehicle to your dealer to get the issue diagnosed and addressed appropriately while preventing further concerns from occuring.

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