Park Brake Limited Function Service Required – Causes And Fixes

When you are driving your car and notice the message – Park brake limited function service required – you may be worried about what may have gone wrong with your vehicle.

Your braking system is a crucial component of your car, which is why you need to make sure it is working right. However, if you notice this message coming on, then it can be concerning. So, you may want to have a better understanding of why exactly this happens and what can be done about it.

Let’s get right into it.

park brake limited function service required

Park Brake Limited Function Service Required

Your park brake limited function service required is an error message common in Ford vehicles. This is something that many owners have experienced over years, which they were able to resolve by performing a few easy steps. 

But first, you need to understand exactly how your park brake system works. This is what you call the hand brake, which keeps your vehicle motionless once parked. But the parking brake may also be a straight pull hand close to your steering wheel, a hand pull level, or a foot pedal, depending on the model and make of your vehicle. 

Parking brakes also use a type of cable-pulling system. Usually, these are found on your rear wheels since they have the least traction upon braking. But now, there are electronic park brakes using technology for pulling your parking brake cable each time you need to push or pull your park brake button. It is a bit complex, however, since there is a motor connected to your rear calipers and controlled by computer.

If you experience the park brake limited function service required issue, then this means there is a concern with your parking brake system. Thus, service is required even if there is still functionality available. You still need to visit your authorized dealer to get this problem straightened out. 

The thing about electric park brakes is that they are generally easier to utilize – even more user-friendly than your conventional park brakes. But if an error appears, you need to know what to do and get it resolved appropriately. 

1. Dead battery and error message shows up

There are some drivers who have experienced having dead batteries and getting this replaced – only to see this parking brake error notification. Upon starting the vehicle, the message appears, or it could be other versions of this error such as park brake not released/ applied, which appears when you apply and finally release your brake. But the thing is that the brake works well even if the message shows up. 

This usually happens when you have your car battery drained or dead, which also switches off your car’s computer. Thus, it does not matter even if you have a new battery installed – errors still occur, and you can have your dealership get this issue amended. You can also do it yourself with an OBD-II scanner. Otherwise, take your vehicle to your dealership for the best resolution.

2. Park-brake wires are worn out or corroded

You may also see this message when any associated wire with your braking system is worn or damaged. It is most likely to be caused by your ABS wire located at your car’s wheelbase. It is usually insulated in a kind of a harness and there is a wiring loom on the exterior. Perhaps you have your wires cut even if insulated.

In case the problem is with your ABS, you need to first inspect your wire harness right above your wheel, close to your shock springs. You may have to replace the affected wire when need be. However, installing another wire that is unlikely to get cut is also better, which is best with a longer wire. 

3. Liquids

If you drive through puddles or in the rain, it is possible that your wires have become corroded over time because of liquid exposure. When the wires are faulty, error codes may appear. So it is better to avoid driving through puddles when you can.

Start by turning your ignition on. But be sure that you do not start the engine. Then, step on your accelerator pedal. Then, push it close to the floor and hold it there. 

Lift your parking brake button upwards and this should set it to brake and hold. Next, turn your ignition off and turn it back on in about 5 seconds

In case you still see the error message, it is possible that you are encountering an actual issue, which cannot be eliminated right away. This is why no computer reset can help. So, you need to go to your dealer and have the issue inspected and resolved by a specialist. 

Bottom Line

It is never pleasant to deal with a park brake limited function service required issue. You can experience a wide range of problems and inconveniences with it, including restraining your vehicle when parked.

This is why it is not advisable for you to ignore this error notification since this can result in more serious concerns. Even if you are able to drive your car while you are seeing a park brake limited function service required message, you need to pay close attention to this error and treat it as an immediate concern. Hence, a visit to your mechanic is imperative. 

As for the most common cost of getting this issue corrected or repaired, it varies depending on the affected component. It may be as simple as a cut wire or something more serious such as a faulty caliper or ABS. Thus, the price range for the cost can be as cheap as $60 if it is just a wire but may cost over $1000 in the case of more severe problems. 

But one thing is for sure – never neglect a repair work that is much needed for this issue to avoid further inconveniences in the future.

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