Ford Cummins Swap Problems – What You Never Knew!

Have you heard about some Ford Cummins swap problems? 

For the most part, the Cummins is relied upon for its fuel economy, power, durability, and performance. This is why when it comes to heavy duty trucks that tick all those boxes, you can count on the Cummins to give you the best bang for your buck.

With that being said, its engine is a popular choice for swaps. It does not even matter if the Ford vehicle is not of the same model. The most important thing is that the engine is robust, which is what the Cummins is all about.

However, there are some instances when things tend to go wrong with this engine. In fact, there are some risks known to people when you are interested in doing a Cummins swap. So, it is best to understand what to expect and be prepared for these things before you make a decision of swapping your Ford Cummins.

Today, we will cover these Cummins swap problems that not many people may be aware of and what you can do about these. Let’s get started!

ford cummins swap problems

Ford Cummins Swap Problems

If you are looking to swap your Ford Cummins, it is good to first have an idea about the things that are likely to go wrong when you do a swap. There are definitely some risks associated with it, which is why you need to be well aware of these issues before you even consider doing a swap.

1. Warranty Issues

When you decide to make some aftermarket modifications in your vehicle, this most definitely alters the original purpose and design. Furthermore, there are some safety and performance concerns to look into, which is what may happen when you tinker with your engine. Thus, if you proceed to do a Ford Cummins swap, you run the risk of losing your vehicle’s warranty.

Most importantly, when the time arises that you need to take your vehicle to a Ford service center, they may not consider working on your vehicle because of the modifications that you have done with it. So, if this is something that does not appeal to you, then you may want to steer clear of doing a Cummins swap.

2. Breaking state laws

First of all, let’s get it clear that there are no serious legal impediments to doing a Ford Cummins swap such as imprisonment and the like. However, you need to understand that when you swap your engine out for a Cummins, there are some state regulations to keep in mind. Emission regulations are in place in every state and a swap may cause you to break these guidelines. 

As an example, there are those that face the likelihood of paying a high fee spanning about $10,000 or so. It really all depends on which state laws you broke.

Additionally, if your engine swap does not meet the required state standards, there is also a chance that you may be declined a vehicle registration. Thus, this is the sticky situation that comes with such predicament – if you drive your vehicle on the road and have been caught by traffic enforcers, your driver’s license may be revoked and even pay some penalty fees. Or worse, you may be forced to do some jail time, depending on your violation.

Without a valid registration, many things can quickly escalate from tolerable to severe. It all depends on the modifications that you have made to your vehicle, which can cause serious concerns leading to injuries, accidents, or even fatalities.

3. Costly

If you think that Ford Cummins swap is cheap, think again. It is actually quite a pricey thing to do, which can cost you as much as $10,000. But if you also factor in the labor cost and other expenses linked with changing up the engine, the price can quickly double. This all depends on what customizations you want to get done to your vehicle.

4. ECU issues

What not many people are aware of is that when an engine swap is made, there is also a need to reprogram the ECU. And in some cases, it may even need to be replaced. This is all done to accommodate your new engine. Considering the numerous controls that your ECU has over the function of your engine, reprogramming or replacement is a must. Processes include fuel delivery, emissions control and ignition timing.

In case you have failed to reprogram your vehicle, there are risks of your engine not running properly. You may also end up producing more emissions than what is normal. As these problems arise, you should get alerts on the errors, so you are guided accordingly. 

5. Wear and tear

All engines eventually break – that is a fact of life. But at the same time, when you do a Ford Cummins swap, this increases the rate at which your vehicle’s crucial components become subject to premature wear and tear. The tech in your vehicle has been optimized for better performance, comfort, fuel economy and safety. So, when you do a swap or alter the original features, then issues with wear and tear can occur.

With this in mind, you need to be an expert before you do a swap for your Ford Engine. There are also certain modifications possibly required for the swap including the drivetrain, intercooler, fuel system and the radiator. Some adjustments on your exhaust and intake manifolds, brackets and water pump are also required to make sure the operation is synchronized with other components of your Ford.

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Bottom Line

ford cummins swap problems

While doing a swap to your engine may have some exciting benefits, there are numerous Ford Cummins swap problems to keep in mind. Your vehicle’s performance may decrease, not to mention some issues including an accelerated wear and tear to critical components.

Thus, it is best to think carefully if a swap is worth it or not, considering these problems that come with it. You should consult a specialist or have one do the engine swap to minimize the risk of further damage and deterioration to your vehicle.

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