All You Should Know About The Ford Sync Black Screen Of Death Fix

You may have stumbled upon this page during your search for the best Ford Sync black screen of death fix.

If you have encountered this issue, then this may have left you concerned and worried about the right thing to do. After all, it is indeed a troublesome situation. This is why it is best to determine what exactly is causing this issue and what the proper way is to resolve it.

So today, we will discuss the most effective fix for the Ford Sync black screen of death and a few words on what may be causing this problem. Let’s get started!

ford sync black screen of death fix

Ford Sync Black Screen Of Death

This issue with the black screen of death for the Ford is basically when your infotainment touchscreen console fails to function properly. Hence, as the name implies, it only displays nothing but a black screen. 

For owners, this is most definitely a concerning and frustrating problem. Plus, it can be dangerous, too. In fact, there are a few models of these Ford vehicles that come with the Ford Sync, and it shows essential details in the console including how to get to their destination safely. This is why it is important that this feature is working properly at all times.

On the other hand, the black screen of death has been found to be a concern in a few Ford vehicles such as the Ford F-150, Ford Expansion, Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, and the Ford Transit. They all have the Ford Sync software, which controls media connections, safety functions and some key locations. 

This is why if you happen to experience this black screen of death with your Ford Sync, you may want to have a look at our guide for troubleshooting this concern, so you can prevent this from happening in the future. 

First, let us look at why the screen even goes black. This is an important first step in determining what you can do to fix this issue. For the most part, it occurs because of outdated software, glitches, bugs, and cable issues, to name a few. There may also be some malfunctioning to the console displays, as well as the FDIM and APIM. 

If the software is outdated, then you need to check if this is the cause of the problem. Thus, you have to perform any scheduled updates on a regular basis. This is how you can ensure its optimal performance. Furthermore, if you keep putting off such updates, you run the risk of experiencing more severe concerns and errors happening more frequently with your Ford Sync. And most of all, the black screen of death is inevitable.

There are many reasons why you should update your software such as bug fixes, patches, and a few others that help to eliminate those errors. You may have to download and install these updates manually once they are available. 

Another reason behind the black screen of death problem is a bug. There are glitches and bugs that may impact your Ford Sync, which results in the dreaded black screen of death. These are usually due to internal run-time problems encountered by your software. This is why errors with the functionality may occur.

In the case of glitches and bugs, these are most commonly resolved on their own eventually. But then again, the nature of this problem is quite ambiguous and random, so it may be difficult to pinpoint the actual cause.

Hence, you may want to try performing a cycle key, which should help improve the display problem related to glitches and bugs. Or, you can do a soft reset, which allows the resolution of internal issues causing this black screen of death. Just press and hold your seek up button as you also press and hold your radio power button to do a soft reset. 

Make sure that you keep holding these buttons down until you see that the screen has become black, which is in a matter of 5 seconds. Once you have performed a soft reset, this should help resolve the display concerns.

And another thing you can try is a master reset, which involves entering into your settings menu. When you do so, you should be able to address the issue if the soft reset does not work. 

As we have mentioned, you can also wait it out since glitches typically resolve on their own in a matter of days. Or, you may contact Ford in case none of the techniques have helped with the problem. 

Now, if the issue is with bad cables, this could prevent the proper pairing with the Ford Sync software. You need to make sure that your cables are in good condition and well-maintained, so these do their job well. 

Try disconnecting and then reconnecting your cables that are linked to your infotainment center. Sometimes, this helps in resolving any loose connections experienced by your vehicle. 

You can also look into your APIM software controls, which provide various notifications such as navigation controls, cruise controls, HVAC, and rear-traffic alerts. When there are issues with your APIM software, you can try updating it alongside the Ford Sync software update. Then, you should check the system software and navigate back to your sync settings menu and then the systems menu to make sure that your software’s version is current. 

Now, if you have a faulty display, it is possible that there are cable connection issues or damage, which lead to the black screen of death. While these issues are not typical, these can still arise because of misuse, liquid exposure, damage from an auto crash or old age. 

The only way to get this problem fixed is by getting your display replaced or repaired at the Ford dealership. It cannot be a DIY project, so be sure it is handled only by an expert.

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Wrap Up

We hope you have found the best Ford Sync black screen of death fix from the different options we have shared with you today. Now you know what the right thing to do is once you experience this issue to get it sorted out properly and effectively.

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