Ford Approved Ecoboost Induction Cleaning – Worth it Or Waste Of Money?

You may have heard about a Ford approved ecoboost induction cleaning that some owners talk about.

While it may be tempting to try it out, there is more to this than what many people are aware of. Aside from some potential dangers to your engine, including higher costs, it is best to understand what this cleaning service entails.

We will explore this type of service that is becoming more and more popular and what it really does to your engine. Let’s get started.

ford approved ecoboost induction cleaning

What’s With the Ford Approved Ecoboost Induction Cleaning

There is something that you need to know about the Ford approved ecoboost induction cleaning. It is becoming more popular as a service offered by certain companies. Yet, the truth is that there are risks of engine damage when your intake gets sprayed on by a carbon buildup reducer.

Now, you may wonder how this could be when the purpose of this service is to improve the health of your engine. 

But quite honestly, there were many reports by owners that older ecoboost engines experience misfires due to a carbon buildup on their intake valves. And upon contacting their dealer for repairs, they were prescribed a cylinder head replacement since the forced-induction service that is carried out with a special cleaning sprayed into the intake generally ruins turbos.

Additionally, this forced induction service is not at all included in the official maintenance recommendations for your Ecoboost engine. And the worst part is when buildup happens to the engine.

As time goes by, your ecoboost should run rich on start up, which is the case with a direct-injection type of engine when used in the cold weather. When you combine this with a short travel time with your vehicle, this means your engine fails to reach the optimal temperature. As a result, carbon deposits will begin to accumulate on your cylinders, including the heads and valves. The buildup will soon reduce the engine’s fuel economy and performance.

Thus, when you have a naturally-aspirated engine, you are more able to prevent deposits by complying with the recommended service by your manufacturer for the spark plugs and air filters, as well as performing some periodic injector cleaning.

But if these fail to prevent any carbon buildup, or perhaps you would like to further clean the engine, then there are those that go for a forced-induction service. Yet, it is not ideal for the ecoboost engine. 

Forced Induction Service Facts

Basically, as the name implies, this service includes spraying some chemicals into your engine, so it could clean it more thoroughly. There are benefits and drawbacks to this practice, especially because of the chemicals used. 

When we are talking about the good things about this service, these include better fuel economy, adding more power to your vehicle, and also a much smoother idling experience. On the other hand, there are drawbacks to keep in mind such as harming the engine because of poor use and mainly because automakers do not usually recommend this type of service. 

If you fail to use the chemicals correctly, this can lead to further issues including carbon dioxide sensor failure, damage to the actuators located in the air-intake manifold, and issues with the catalytic converter. And there are further issues that can arise because of this.

Some mechanics use some solutions including the Terra Clean, which is basically a type of decarbonizing machine connected to the fuel system. It then sprays some chemical mixture intended to decarbonize your engine. 

But if you are planning on using the forced induction chemical to the ecoboost engine, this increases the likelihood of generating a type of reaction that raises the temperature on your turbocharger, which can progress to premature failure. Do keep in mind that just one turbo replacement can cost several thousands of dollars.

Although you have a powerful engine such as an Ecoboost, it is not immune to carbon buildup. This is why for the moment, the only way to fix it is by changing your cylinder heads once damaged.

Additional Things You Should Know

Some people report being offered an induction cleaning specific to their ecoboost engine. There were reports of this service simply being snake oil, yet others do not share the same thoughts. People have divided opinions about it where one camp talks about it as merely an upsell service that their dealers offer. While it may not necessarily cause serious damage to the vehicle when done correctly, it can be quite expensive, which can overextend your budget. On the other hand, the benefits are not quite significant, making you think that you can most definitely do away without it.

But there are those who speak highly of this service. They believe that there are buildups on the carbon at the top portion of the intake calves due to the gasoline going straight into their cylinder and not being sprayed on the back part of the valve. Hence, it is likely to provide some benefits. 


Overall, there are two sides to this concern with a Ford approved ecoboost induction cleaning. Some people claim that it is a must-have for their vehicle because of the positive things that it can offer. These include better fuel economy and general increase in the performance of their vehicle.

On the other hand, there are those who worry about this forced-induction cleaning that can cause more harm than good to their engine. They also come into the decision that it is nothing but snake oil luring unsuspecting owners to these expensive services.

But what you can do is to ensure proper usage of your vehicle, keep it well-maintained, and you need not worry about your ecoboost going through premature damage. Regular maintenance always goes a long way, which is something you should never take lightly considering the savings you can get in your pocket as you prolong the lifespan of your vehicle.

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  1. I think I’ll pass on the EcoBoost engines. Love the Escape and Edge but will not buy because of the EcoBoost engine! I will also pass on the 6 cylinder with the internal water pump. Bring back the 2.5Duratec, without direct injection, and I will buy an Escape tomorrow!

    • Hi Fred,

      It’s always important to do research and make informed decisions when it comes to buying a vehicle. It’s also worth noting that newer engine technologies like EcoBoost have undergone extensive testing and development to address any issues and provide reliable performance. However, if you prefer a different engine type, that is a valid personal preference.

      Good luck, bro


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