Common International 9200i Problems You Need To Know

Are International 9200i problems common?

Perhaps you are considering getting the 9000 series of International trucks, and in particular, the 9200i. If you are unsure whether this is the right course of action to take, or if you are better off with a different option, consider this post to help you make an informed decision.

While no truck is perfect and there will always be problems along the way, some models have more issues than others. So, keep reading to have a better understanding of this truck model and what to expect from it. 

international 9200i problems

International 9200i Problems

Some owners of the International 9200i truck complain about corrosion issues with their vehicle. The driver’s side has a lower firewall, which includes an electrical connector handling all wiring from their vehicle’s ABS sensors and other accessories. There is no rubber seal in the connector, specifically between the two connectors. Hence, this causes water to easily get into the terminals and cause corrosions.

There are even instances when the corrosion gets so severe that the male terminals are unable to make contact and become damaged.

If your truck has over 30 wires running through this component, it may be difficult or even impossible to replace all of the wire harnesses.

With this in mind, it is best to take a more proactive approach and get the issue addressed at its early stage before things get worse. This way, you can save your time and money in the event that the problem worsens. The connector comes with a collar, and you will have to turn this counter clockwise as a way of releasing it. 

Using electric grease, put some on the terminals to prevent them from corroding. But if there is a need to replace your terminals, you need a special tool that will disengage your tabs while at the same time holding them in your connector. 

Other Issues With the International 9200i

international 9200i problems

In addition to the issue mentioned above, there are a few other concerns that come with the International 9200i. For instance, this involves exterior lighting problems. In this particular problem, the side cab has turn signals mounted, which are obscured from your mirror mounting brackets. 

As a result, these are not quite visible to traffic that is approaching your truck from behind. This is why it can get difficult and even unsafe for you to change lanes when on the highway. 

Aside from this concern, there were also reported issues with the power train. In fact, it is one of the most common issues with this truck, and this is related to the axle assembly. 

Some owners complain about hearing a very audible pop while pulling into the road. After pulling in the rear of the building, the right side of the drive axle sustained some damages, which caused major issues and inconveniences. 

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Is The International 9200i Worth It?

Navistar International manufactured the International 9000 series, which is basically a conventional type of cab truck designed for highway applications. There are various layouts that come with it such as tandem or single rear axles, multiple sizes or a sleeper cab and day cab. However, International eventually phased out many of the model lines to make way for the newer LoneStar and ProStart and the last 9900i was manufactured in 2017.

The third generation of these trucks, also known as the “i series” was released with some improvements and re-design to the hood. As for the 9200i, as well as the 9400i, these were eventually discontinued after 2007 up to 2011. ProStar replaced these, and now come with the extended hood design. 

Considering these problems with the International 9200i, you may be wondering if it is still worth the purchase.

We would say that it is still a decent choice considering how sturdy and well-made they are. Over the years, so many things have improved in the build and performance of this vehicle, which is why it is a solid bet for many people. 

But we would like to mention that when it comes to shifting gears in your truck, this can be quite tricky in comparison to a car. Some people even find it much easier to shift in their truck, yet if you are thinking about getting an International 9200i, it would be best with a Cummins equipped with 13 PSD. This way, you can expect better fuel efficiency to save more money.

Overall, the International 9200i is a decent option for the price. We would also recommend the ones with 51-inch high-rise sleepers, although the 72-inch ones should be good, as well, because of the longer wheelbase.

But at the end of the day, the choice is completely up to you on what you decide to get. In terms of sturdiness and dependability, the International 9200i is good with a few problems. Hence, it is a solid bang for your buck.

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