PDI Tuner Problems – Causes And Solutions

PDI tuner problems do arise, even if this component is designed to provide maximum efficiency and performance to your vehicle.

Basically, the PDI or Performance Diesel Inc. launched the Big Boss Tuner HD. This is a handheld tuner that ensures a more efficient installation to deliver an increase in the torque and horsepower. Thus, this is set to boost fuel economy to your vehicle.

This unit can be updated using WiFi and there are customizable settings including a gauge display that reveals as many as six parameters at a time such as the turbo boost, coolant temperature, oil pressure, engine RPM, intake manifold temperature, vehicle speed, exhaust gas temperature, and many more.

Find out more about what the PDI tuner does, whether it is something that is beneficial to your needs, and everything else you need to know. Let’s get started.

pdi tuner problems

PDI Tuner

The PDI tuner enables you to manage your performance options, and a wide range of features in your vehicle settings. This is all done with a tap of the touch screen. Moreover, you can adjust your gear ratios, engine brake settings, cruise control, and speed limiter. Plus, you can even revert to factory settings if need be.

When you want to remove or install the tuning for any reason you have in mind, this is all possible, too. And the best part about it is that using this tuner will never violate your OEM warranties. So, this eases your mind when you want to keep your warranty intact should the time come that you need to get your vehicle fixed at the dealership.

Furthermore, all components continue to function within the OEM specifications and standards. As a result, the performance of your vehicle is not at all affected by this tuner.

Indeed, it is a useful thing for many owners because of the promise that it can provide fuel savings. Many people claim to have received as much as $350 savings to even a whopping $800 a month because of the PDI tuner. This is all made possible because of the fuel cost that they are able to cut back on.

PDI Tuner Problems – Is It Worth It?

pdi tuner problems

Overall, the PDI tuner may be a useful thing that can offer some benefits. But at the same time, there are some risks worth looking into.

Do keep in mind that your PDI tune will not reset your fuel tables from the factory settings. Yet, some people assume it is possible, so that is something to be aware of before you use this device.

You should be able to obtain a ghost of tunes from your PDI from the standard Stage 1 tune up to the Stage 3 tune. But at the same time, there are various stages available, and you will have to determine which tune works perfectly well for your needs.

And as for the risk, it is possible for the ECM to be negatively impacted. When this happens, you end up losing the tune. Unfortunately, this does not happen in other instances other than because of a lightning strike or similar circumstances. So, if the PDI tuner causes the ECM to sustain some damages for whatever reason, then that is something to consider before you use this device.

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Weighing The Benefits And The Drawbacks

As we have mentioned, PDI aims to offer numerous benefits when it comes to the power and efficiency it provides – and all of these in one compact design. Tuning is made easy, as well as the installation process. Thus, you can customize your gauges, as well as make some alterations to your vehicle settings. Clearing and reading codes should also be possible to do.

With the help of this handy device, you can tune with ease and speed. This is why you can access your vehicle’s optimum horsepower and fuel economy. And as we have mentioned earlier, there are various stages of economy, in addition to performance that will suit your particular driving style, performance upgrades, and application. 

So, is it worth it? Despite some little issues here and there, the PDI tuner is quite useful all around. It provides the ease you can expect when it comes to tuning in just a matter of seconds – and this can be done with great accuracy and precision each time.

Just be sure you understand the risks it comes with and realize that at the end of the day, it is all about knowing whether the benefits outweigh the limitations of this handy device. You can also consult your mechanic to have a better grasp of the possible consequences this PDI tuner can do to your vehicle to help you determine if it is worth it.

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