International N13 Engine Problems You Never Knew

Perhaps you are wondering if you should get a truck but worried about some International N13 engine problems.

For the most part, the N13 engine is a decent and reliable engine. However, there are some issues that may arise at one point or another. 

This is why it helps to be aware of whatever problems may come along, so you are better prepared for it. Moreover, if you are still in the process of buying this engine, you may want to know ahead of time if it is a worthy investment.

So, we are here to share with you what to expect from the International N13 engine and whether there are issues worth taking note of before you purchase. Let’s get started.

international n13 engine problems

International N13 Engine

The N13 engine is designed to provide optimum fuel economy and excellent performance. It comes with the state of the art SCR or the Selective Catalytic Reduction. Thus, you can count on the superb emissions control system, which injects DEF straight into your exhaust stream. This will then convert those harmful nitrogen oxides into another form, which is water, nitrogen, and some carbon dioxide.

With this in mind, the N13 engine is quite dependable and offers and does the job well. This engine is designed by Navistar International. The crankcase is crafted from compacted graphite iron, which is much more durable and robust than the conventional gray iron.

As for the EGR cooler, it has a no-fin design, enabling it to provide consistent performance while eliminating chances of soot plugging. The stainless steel material for the EGR cooler also wards off corrosion, and combined with laser welding, this promotes the finest thermal fatigue resistance. 

There is also a foamed wiring harness to the engine. Thus, this makes sure that mountain brackets remain secure into the engine’s wiring harness. Furthermore, the bots keep the wiring harness secure, which adds to the durability of this component. 

When it comes to the bearings, these come with polymer coating. The special coating provides a protective function to the engine, which reduces the risk of wear that often happens when oil pressure builds up.

As mentioned earlier, the engine is highly regarded for its fuel efficiency. The HPCR or the High Pressure Common Rail has multiple injection, and this atomizes the fuel. As a result, this maximizes combustion efficiency while reducing emissions to also minimize the need for after-treatment active regenerations. Overall, fuel consumption is reduced.

There is also an integrated oil lubrication module. What this does is to regulate the oil flow that is in the oil cooler. When the temperature is cooler, the oil bypasses the cooler, allowing it to achieve the optimal operating temperature at a quicker rate.

International N13 Engine Problems

Now, we have mentioned the impressive specs and features of the engine, and this leaves people wondering – are there ever any problems to keep in mind?

With the engine being fuel efficient and the calibration offering power and excellent performance, what should every owner be concerned about this engine? 

Overall, the N13 is low-maintenance and can last a long time. The crankcase oil separator prevents oil from getting into the crankcase gas. There is also a centrifugal design to the unit, which reduces the need for a regular filter replacement. 

However, there are some issues to keep in mind that can come along at one point or another. Here they are:

Rough idling

This is an issue linked with the idling valve, as well as the throttle flap. But to prevent this issue, all you need to do is to clean these components.

Moreover, there are risks of a vibration in the engine. When you notice this problem, you will have to inspect the fuel injectors and keep them clean to address this vibration concern. 

In case you notice that the fuel consumption has been going up, you would have to check your air flow meter. A reduction in fuel efficiency is usually linked with an issue with the air flow meter, which may need to be repaired or replaced.

It is also worth noting that the N13 engine does not do well with a frequent change in the motor liquids. But you do need to have it changed regularly for optimum performance.

Using a high quality gasoline is also ideal, in addition to a recommended type of motor oil. With regular maintenance and checks, you should be able to minimize issues with your International N13 engine.

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Final Word

International N13 engine problems are not very common or severe since this engine is very well made and built to last a long time. However, problems do occur at one point or another, which is why it is best to keep your engine well-maintained and inspected by a specialist to prevent further problems from developing.

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