Volvo S60 Sunroof Problems You Need To Know

Volvo S60 sunroof problems do happen – and it is not a rare situation, unfortunately.

In fact, a sunroof has a tendency to incur some damages over time, this is all because of the material and design it comes with. But some sunroofs are more prone to damage than others, yet one thing remains – you need to know what causes these issues and how to prevent or resolve them.

So, today, we will talk about the different sunroof issues and what you can do to get these fixed up. Let’s get right into it.

volvo s60 sunroof problems

Volvo S60 Sunroof Problems

When the weather is pleasant, it is always a good thing to be able to breathe in the fresh, clean air outside. You may also want to get some sunshine, which is why sunroofs are popular among many people.

Now, sunroofs come in different types, with the inbuilt design being the most common. What this means is that you can slide the sunroof and open it fully. This gives you the opportunity to have some ventilation in your car and let some fresh air in. 

But with pop-up sunroofs, which can be found in other vehicles, these do not slide fully open. What they do is exactly as the name implies – it only pops up ever so slightly at the rear. Hence, you can only get a little ventilation from it. 

And lastly, there are panoramic ventilations that comes with several glass panels making up the automobile’s entire roof assembly. There are many designs for this one, and you have the option to either tilt the panels open or slide them when you want to.

Now, as for the problems with the Volvo S60 sunroof, there are a few to take note of, which can be quite common. Here they are:

1. Sunroof detaches

This does not happen early on but it can be an issue, especially with older vehicles or those that are not well-maintained. What happens is that the glass panel tends to detach from the roof assembly, which can be a costly fix.

The detachment starts with the adhesive that holds the glass panel, and it is made of polyurethane. Over time, this material gets weaker and when there is a change in pressure in your vehicle cabin, this lifts the glass up.

2. Chips and cracks

Again, it is not something that happens to many vehicles but it does occur due to harshe elements. In this case, the glass starts to form chips and cracks, similar to what tends to happen with your glass window. 

The chips occur when there is flying debris that hits your sunroof while you are driving your car. Moreover, it can also be caused by a heavy object that drops on your sunroof glass as the car is parked.

Some people tend to ignore a small chip in their glass. But at the same time, this is actually quite critical since a tiny crack or chip can get bigger over time. The more you drive your vehicle, the higher the chances of a spontaneous breakage. Thus, it is best to get the chip repaired sooner than later.

3. Leaks

Another issue with sunroofs is leak. There are leaks that can form when there is too much debris or dirt collecting in the drain tunes that are surrounding your sunroofs. If these blockages prevent rainwater from flowing efficiently through the tubes, it tends to pool over your sunroof. Over time, the water leaks into your car right between the assembly seals.

Experts can easily unclog your sunroof drainage tubes. However, if there is damage to the seals, then further repairs may be required, which can cost some money. 

4. Broken track

You should be able to close or open your sunroof with just a quick press of a button. But when there is a breakage to your track or cable, then this prevents the sunroof from closing or opening. This would require a specialist to replace or repair the broken cable or track. It is important to get this addressed quickly since the last thing you want is to have  stuck sunroof, especially when it is raining and you cannot close it. 

5. Motor issues

And lastly, there is the possibility of the motor failing, which is usually caused by electrical problems. Among the common culprits are blown fuses or damages to the electrical wires. Sometimes, it is an issue with the motor, which is why the sunroof is unable to close or open even when you push the right buttons.

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Wrap Up

volvo s60 sunroof problems

Volvo S60 sunroof problems do occur, and it is a matter of knowing the cause to provide proper fixes to this issue. Since your sunroof is made of glass and small chips can spread and get bigger, you need to have any cracks fixed right away. In the case of a motor issue, it is also best to have the problem fixed immediately so as not to run the risk of getting the interior of your vehicle wet if the sunroof fails to close while it is raining outside. 

With early inspection and prompt fixes to these problems, you should be able to minimize the risk of a more serious issue and costlier repairs.

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