Volvo Power System Service Urgent – What Does This Mean?

Are you worried upon seeing the Volvo power system service urgent message showing up while you are driving?

Obviously, any light that turns on – which signals an issue – can be quite concerning. The last thing you want to deal with is a problem with your vehicle. This is why it is best to get the problem resolved sooner than later. Moreover, you would not want to be the cause of a road accident, in case the issue is worse than what you think it is.

With all these things in mind, let us have a look at the reasons why you notice a Volvo power system service urgent message and what you should do about it.

volvo power system service urgent

Why You See The Volvo Power System Service Urgent Message

Some owners complain about seeing the Power system service urgent light coming on and then turning off after a few minutes. But then with other people, the light turns back on again after some time, which can be concerning.

There are a few components that may be affected by this problem such as the alternator wirings, battery terminals and the serpentine belt, to name a few.

So, if you see the light come on, you may need to check certain components to prevent further problems that may even leave you stranded on the road. 

For instance, you need to do the following:

  1. Inspect and clean the wiring to your alternator.
  2. Clean your battery terminals
  3. Inspect the serpentine belt and the tension
  4. Check your battery voltage, especially when you have had your vehicle sitting for a while. Do this before you start your engine.
  5. Check your battery voltage as you run the engine
  6. Make sure that you get your alternator bench and battery bench tested.

Now, if you notice the power system service urgent warning, you also need to observe if the light is solid or flashing. For instance, did it go away on its own and never came back?

Or perhaps, it is solid and just stable and never turned off.

This issue is indeed frustrating since it leaves you feeling worried about your vehicle. The last thing you want is to have such a confusing message come up. 

This is why you may want to inspect the running voltage, since this is a common concern with your alternator or battery. Check both of these at your nearest auto repair shop. If your battery is weak or the alternator is undercharging, then you should have these replaced as necessary.

Furthermore, you may want to look deeper into the problem since it is also possible that there is an underlying electrical concern with the alternator and battery. The power circuit may also be affected, although this is not a very common problem.

Other people are concerned about the power system service urgent message light turning on and off on their dashboard. Although the fan blower motor never slowed down nor did the lights turn dim, it is still concerning. The car apparently continues to drive or run properly, yet the light stays on.

What you can do is to check the battery’s voltage. Place your voltage meter on your car and be sure that the battery is at 12.6 volts with your engine off. Check what your alternator puts out at an idle position as compared to the full electric load. This means that you should have the blower motor on full capacity and the lights on, as well as the rear defog turned on. 

Afterwards, inspect the cables such as the ground strap and battery posts. Check if you notice any signs of corrosion or damage. Sometimes, there may be some bubbles in insulation, which can also trigger the warning light. The alternator may also be incapable of producing the right voltage – or none at all. This means that your vehicle may be running off on your battery alone.

Hence, the alternator may be sensing some voltage problems or the voltage regulator has gone bad.

Additionally, it is possible that your cables are sensing much resistance. So, it may be worth a shot to clean and tighten your battery posts. A battery change may also be worth doing, especially if the battery is in need of a replacement. However, this should not be something to consider when the problem has presented itself after a battery change.

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Final Word

A Volvo power system service urgent message light can be a concerning thing to deal with, especially when you are on the road and not sure which component of your vehicle is the culprit. 

Sometimes, this can be a problem with the alternator or the battery terminals, and there are other things that come into play when the light is illuminated. This is why we recommend having the components mentioned above checked by your mechanic. 

If there is a need to replace the parts involved, be sure to get this done sooner than later to eliminate the problem completely and regain your peace of mind while driving.

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