What It Means When Hyundai Elantra EPS Light Turns On

You may have been driving for a few minutes when suddenly, you notice your Hyundai Elantra EPS light switches on. What gives?

Your vehicle has several warning lights and these all serve a purpose of notifying you in case problems are present. Among the lights on your dashboard is your EPS light. Normally, this should stay off but once it turns on just out of nowhere, you may be concerned that something is not right with your vehicle.

Sometimes, the light illuminating could be in combination with other actions such as the steering power loss and other difficulties with driving. Thus, you may even get worried about your car.

Find out why the light turns on and if there is anything at all that you should be concerned about. Let’s get started.

hyundai elantra eps light

Causes Of Hyundai Elantra EPS Light Illuminating

The Electrical Power Steering or EPS light turns on when something is not right with your vehicle’s power steering system. But it can also illuminate the moment your car turns on and then switches off on its own after a few seconds. However, if the light remains on for a while, something is not right – and yes, you may start to feel worried about it.

Since your EPS light only switches on when there is a problem with the system, you may want to know what these triggers are to determine the best course of action to take.

1. Issue with the steering coupler

Your vehicle’s steering couple is a component that allows a movement transfer from your steering wheel and onto your steering rack. Once there is a fault with the coupler, your EPS system identifies this problem and automatically switches the light on.

So, if there is damage to your steering coupler, it is best to not drive your vehicle. Otherwise, you may experience difficulties with maneuvering your car. For instance, the steering can stop while you drive, which is dangerous for you and other motorists.

2. Reprogramming required for the TSB

You may also want to check your electronic steering’s TSB, which can require some reprogramming. This can also cause the EPS light to turn on, which is why you should consult the TSB to get the issue fixed. 

But if you are uncertain about the TSB, then you need to drop by your nearest Hyundai dealership and inform them about your issue. Basically, the TSB has information on how to address common problems with your vehicle. This document is manufacturer-issued and has detailed solutions to these concerns.

3. Outdated EPS software

Another reason for the EPS light turning on is that your EPS system’s software needs to be updated. The software oversees all activities, which is why a software problem is manifested by the EPS system. As a result, the system may have glitches and lags.

In some cases, a simple software update offers a quick and easy fix to this EPS light turning on. 

Hyundai Elantra EPS Light Turns On – What To Do?

hyundai elantra eps light

First of all, you need to determine what triggered your EPS light to turn on. This way, you can deal with the problem appropriately. Moreover, this spares you from having to do unnecessary techniques that may take more time and energy than it should.

Using an OBD scanner, check for error codes in your vehicle. This tool helps in diagnosing the actual problem in codes. By doing so, you should be able to troubleshoot the problem appropriately. But if you do not have this tool, you can visit your mechanic or your Hyundai dealership to have this error code reading done for you.

Then, once you have determined the source of the problem, you can perform the appropriate troubleshooting techniques. You may consult your TSB or service manual for this or visit a mechanic for this purpose.

If the issue impacts the steering wheel’s angle, you may have to calibrate it to the right wheel angle. There are guidelines located in the TSB, which helps you with the calibration process. 

In some instances, you may also have the steering wheel counter replaced, especially if there are other symptoms alongside the EPS light turning on such as excessive vibration, bind and locking, stiff driving, and some clunking noises. A bad coupler may be to blame, and you can perform this yourself or have a mechanic work on it. 

And lastly, be sure to update your EPS software. This sometimes solves the problem quickly unless there are other issues linked with the light turning on.

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When your EPS light turns on while you are driving, you need to stay calm since the car should still be capable of being driven. However, if there are some remarkable differences in the way your vehicle performs, it is best to pull over on a safe side of the road and inspect for further issues. 

You need to turn your engine off, wait for a few minutes and then power it back on. Sometimes this could clear errors but you may also have a professional check it for further problems that may exist.

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