Locating The Smart Key Slot Hyundai Elantra Cars Have

Perhaps you are curious about the location of the smart key slot Hyundai Elantra cars have.

For whatever reason, you may need to obtain a new key for your vehicle. There can also be a few other reasons why you want to find out the location of your smart key slot, which is not always easy to find according to some people.

If so, then keep reading to have a better idea where this smart key slot is, and what other things to note to get it resolved.

Let’s get started.

smart key slot hyundai elantra

Smart Key Slot Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Elantra cars use a smart key, which is used for unlocking and locking your car door, as well as the trunk. You can also use the key when starting your engine. Among the different features of the smart key are door unlock, door lock, panic, and trunk unlock. 

When locking, close all your doors, trunk, and the engine hood. Then, press your door lock button or the door handle button located on the smart key.

This will trigger your hazard warning lights to blink, followed by one chime. Make it a point to check the door lock’s position inside your vehicle to determine if your doors are all indeed locked. 

Now, your door handle button operates properly only when you have your smart key about 28 to as far as 40 inches from your door handle. Even if you have pressed your door handle button, this will not lock your doors and the chime will not come on if the engine start or stop button is in the on or acc position, any door is still open, and if your smart key is inside your car.

As for unlocking using the smart key, all you need to do is to press the door handle button or the door unlock button found on your smart key. This will unlock the driver’s door and cause the hazard warning lights to illuminate twice. 

The main purpose for this unlocking feature is for the driver door only. It can also unlock all the other doors with a single press of the button. 

As for opening the trunk. Simply press and hold the button’s trunk unlock function on your smart key or press the interior of your trunk emblem. You will notice the hazard warning lights blinking twice. 

This will lock your trunk, but only as long as the smart key is not anywhere farther than 28 inches from your trunk handle.

And lastly, we have the panic function in the smart key. All you need to do is to press and hold your panic button for a couple of seconds. This will trigger the hazard warning lights and horn to sound for less than a minute. Press any of the buttons on your smart key if you want to cancel this mode.

If you want to start the engine, you can also use the smart key even without having to insert it. This makes it quite convenient especially when you have your hands full.

However, damages to the smart key may occur when you dropped it, or if it got wet since the internal circuits can malfunction because of moisture. Extreme temperatures can also cause the smart key to malfunction. 

In case your smart key does not work as it should, you can also use the mechanical key to unlock or lock your door. 

Now, when you have accidentally lost your smart key – both of the keys – you need to take your car to an authorized Hyundai dealer. This way, you can have your vehicle towed and get new smart keys.

Sometimes, the smart key may malfunction, especially when it is nearby a radio transmitter that interferes with its normal operation. It also happens when your key is close to a cellular phone, or there is another smart key being operated next to your car.

So, if you experience issues with your smart key, you need to contact your Hyundai dealer to get your key fixed or replaced as needed.

If the issue is with the battery, a simple battery replacement can also do the job. All you need is to get the right battery type which is CR2032. Remove your mechanical key and pry open the smart key’s cover with a slim tool.

Take the old battery out and put in the new one – be sure the position is correct. Put the rear cover back on and it should work as it used to.

But if you are hoping to program a new smart key for your Hyundai Elantra and place the remote in the appropriate programming slot, you may wonder where exactly it is. After all, and Elantra without a key ignition does not appear to have the usual slot other cars have.

Basically, it should be on the inside portion of your center console. Just like the Sonata, it is in the console located toward the back and on the top part. There should be a tiny flap, which accepts your entire smart key FOB. If you need to program the key, you will have to contact your dealer to get it done correctly.

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Final Thoughts

The smart key for Hyundai Elantra offers the convenience of locking and unlocking your car door and trunk with just a press of the button. You can also start your engine with this handy device, which is quite efficient for most people.

But if you need to get it programmed, or you are searching for the slot for troubleshooting purposes, you may want to contact your dealer to determine the appropriate way to get it done and make sure your smart key performs its functions the way it should.

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