GMC Sierra Power Outlet Not Working? Expert Tips To Try!

Do you worry about your GMC Sierra power outlet not working?

It is a nuisance without a doubt. After all, you rely on your power outlet for charging your devices while in your vehicle. You can count on it to charge your phone or any accessory compatible with the 12-volt DC. 

So, if you are having issues with your power outlet not working, don’t panic. There are certain things you can try to get it to work again. Let us explore these techniques and the best steps you can explore to be able to use your power outlet again.

Let’s dive right into it.

gmc sierra power outlet not working

Causes Of GMC Sierra Power Outlet Not Working

So, you got inside your vehicle, started the engine, then plugged your charging cord into the power outlet. However, there is one problem – your power outlet is not working. What gives?

When you notice that there is a malfunction to your GMC Sierra power outlet, it could be due to a number of things. Here are among the key reasons why this happens:

1. Obstruction

It is possible that there is an object stuck in the socket. In fact, this happens so many times because of the way the power outlet is situated in your vehicle. Therefore, some accidents may happen that cause small items to easily fall into and get stuck into the socket. 

For instance, there may be obstructions that are non-conductive, which got lodged into the outlet. Hence, it prevents contact with the charging cable. Worse case scenario is that a conductive object is stuck in there such as metallic items including coins. When you try to plug your cable in, this can easily blow up the circuit.

2. Blown power outlet

What this means is that there is absolutely no power that gets into your socket. It could be that you have a blown fuse or there are other wiring issues. If this is the case, the only thing left for you to do is to replace your blown fuse. It should be an easy and inexpensive fix, which you can even do by yourself. It is just a matter of locating the blown fuse and making sure you get the right replacement fuse for it.

3. Bad charger

Now, this is not at all the fault of your power outlet but an issue with the charger. Keep in mind that your charger may be faulty or broken, so you need to first rule it out before assuming your power outlet is the problem. 

Perhaps the electronics in your charger have gone bad. So, no matter what you do with your plug, it is not working.

Solutions For GMC Sierra Power Outlet Not Working

After learning more about the causes of the power outlet not working, it is time to explore some options on what to do next.

First of all, it is always a good idea to inspect carefully and check the potential cause of the problem. You need to rule these out first, so you can explore the best solution to try. Many techniques do not require complex tools, so it is a matter of determining the cause before coming out with the right troubleshooting technique.

Now, if the issue is with a foreign object stuck in the power outlet, you need to remove it carefully. However, you should avoid using any metal object for pulling this out such as tweezers or screwdrivers as these are conductive materials. Use something that will not cause harm when it contacts the metal portion on your power outlet.

Next, test the power outlet if there is ground and power. With this step, you need to have a voltmeter or test light ready. Once you have it set up, you need to check for any power on the outlet’s center pin, as well as the ground located inside the barrel.

In case there is no power, the next thing to do is to check your fuses. If there is no ground or power, you need to check your connections – the one that is plugged into your outlet. 

Consider plugging in another device. If you have no voltmeter, you can try to locate another 12-volt device or charger. This is to determine if the charger or the device is the problematic one and not the power outlet. So, if you notice that the device does not work when plugged into your vehicle’s power outlet, yet it works when plugged somewhere else, you can come to the conclusion that the outlet is indeed the issue.

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Bottom Line

When you have a problem with a GMC Sierra power outlet not working, it can definitely be an inconvenience. For instance, you may rely on your vehicle’s outlet to charge your devices while on the road. So, if you are unable to do this, then there is no other convenient option to have your device’s batteries charged as you are driving.

This is why we recommend trying these methods to determine what is causing the issue and the proper way to address it. Otherwise, a visit to a mechanic can further help you solve the problem if none of these techniques work for your particular concern.

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