Causes And Fixes For Honda Civic Fuel Range Display Not Working

Is your Honda Civic fuel range display not working?

You may be having issues with getting your fuel range display to work in your car. For instance, it is not reading right, so there is no way for you to know what is actually wrong with it.

Thus, it helps to determine the reason why this happens. We will explore the common causes of the problem and some solutions you can try when you are dealing with this. Let’s get started.

honda civic fuel range display not working

Causes Of Honda Civic Fuel Range Display Not Working

One of the most common reasons why you have a bad fuel range display is there is a problem with your fuel sending unit. What this component does is to measure how much fuel is in your tank. Then, it communicates the fuel level to your fuel gauge, which is found on the dashboard.

Therefore, you are aware of how much fuel is left in the tank. When you have a low fuel level, you are notified to prevent the vehicle from going empty on gas. However, if the fuel range display is not working, then there is no way for you to know this.

First, let us look into how your fuel sending unit works to understand which component is causing the problem. Basically, there are three parts to it such as the metal rod or arm, the variable resistor, and the float. These components work together in measuring the fuel level of your vehicle and then you get the information sent through the fuel range display.

The float moves down or up depending on the fuel level you have. Then, the rod pivots based on the float’s movement. Hence, the wiper in your variable resistor also moves. Afterwards, the wiper will move along the resistive material strip, which is connected to one end’s ground. As a result, the wiper is able to send the right electric current to your fuel gauge. Then, it displays how much fuel level is available through your dashboard.

When you have a full tank of fuel, the wiper tends to be close or far from the ground on your resistive material strip. This is why there is not much resistance or could also be full resistance, depending on the situation.

honda civic fuel range display not working

If your fuel range display is not working, there are a few signs that something is definitely wrong and need to be addressed.

1. The display shows empty even when your tank is still full

When your fuel range display only shows empty, this can be due to the float that is separated from the metal arm. Therefore, the other parts in your fuel sending unit are not working properly. Additionally, there may be a faulty resistor, which causes your gauge to constantly read empty as it restricts signal entirely. 

Other possible reasons behind this issue is that you have corroded wires. This is particularly true with the fuel sending unit on your fuel pump. It can totally stop voltage from the fuel gauge or the source itself.

2. Fuel range display is always showing full.

This is the opposite of the previous issue we presented. When you have a fuel range display that shows full all the time, you may have a malfunctioning fuel gauge resistor. This component is responsible for sending a full voltage to your fuel gauge. Moreover, your fuel sending unit is always in motion when you use fuel regularly. Therefore, there is a continuous movement of your wiper in your variable resistor.

As time passes by, the resistive material strip may get worn out. Thus, it causes an open circuit. In addition, you may have a defective wiring located in the fuel sending unit. Hence, it causes a poor ground wire to your grounding terminal or a shorted signal. It is also possible that your fuel gauge is the problem itself, although it is quite rare.

3. There is a fluctuation between full and empty.

Another issue that you may notice with your fuel range display is that it goes from full to empty constantly. This is largely because of a mechanical failure. For example, the float arm of your fuel sending unit tends to stick at a certain level. Then, it goes back into place whether naturally or as your vehicle moves. 

As soon as the float arm returns to its place, your fuel gauge reads accurately once more. In other instances, a mechanical failure may also cause this problem. But it is also a possibility that it is due to a malfunctioning fuel gauge.

What you Need To Do

Now, if you have an issue with your Honda Civic fuel range display not working, it is best to avoid driving your vehicle and get the problem addressed right away. Keep in mind that you may not know for sure if your vehicle is low on vehicle or not since your fuel gauge is defective. This is why you should get the issue fixed.

If you accidentally continue to run your vehicle on low fuel, it can cause some debris on the bottom of your fuel tank to clog up your fuel pump strainer. Then, this can cause some damage to your fuel injectors and fuel lines. A fuel system that is clogged can negatively impact your vehicle’s performance, as well as the integrity of other parts and even the engine. 

With that being said, it is important to have the fuel sending or fuel gauge fixed immediately. You can try all tests to determine if the fuel sending unit is defective – and if the issue can be remedied. In some cases, you can do a simple fix such as by changing your instrument cluster fuse. 

However, if this does not work, be sure to have a mechanic check what can be done to have your fuel range display working properly once more.

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Final Thoughts

There are many reasons behind a Honda Civic fuel range display not working. If you are having this issue, be sure to check which component is causing the problem and have it replaced or repaired sooner than later to avoid further issues.

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