Hyundai Santa Fe 12v Power Outlets Not Working? Try These Tips!

Hyundai Santa Fe 12v power outlets not working can be frustrating for many drivers.

After all, you rely on your power outlets for a number of things such as charging your phone or other electronics while driving. So, if your outlet fails on you, you will need to take a closer look at why this is happening.

Here, we share some common reasons why your power outlets are malfunctioning and what you can do to fix them. Let’s get started.

hyundai santa fe 12v power outlets not working

Hyundai Santa Fe 12v Power Outlets Not Working – Common Causes

Your cigarette lighter sockets or 12v power outlets allow you to plug in your cigarette lighter inverter and any 12-volt DC accessory into it. 

But when this socket appears to be malfunctioning and stops working, there are a few reasons behind this scenario.

1. Obstruction

One of the most common reasons behind a malfunction to your 12v power outlet is an obstruction within the socket. Since it is installed in a vertical position into your center console, this makes it easy for smaller items to fall right into it. In case the object that gets inside is a non-conductive material, this prevents your charger from making contact to the socket.

On the other hand, conductive objects such as a coin can do damage by blowing the circuit. So, if the socket is blown, this inhibits it from obtaining power at all. But in some cases, it can be a blown fuse or a wiring issue.

2. Faulty Charger

In some cases, it is not your power outlet that is the problem but the charger itself. This is why you need to check first which one really is the problem – your power outlet or the charger you are using. So, you will need to try plug in other chargers and see if these work. If not, then it is definitely the power outlet that is malfunctioning.

Troubleshooting Tips for Hyundai Santa Fe 12v Power Outlets Not Working

troubleshooting tips for hyundai santa fe 12v power outlets not working

The first thing to do when you have a faulty 12 volt power outlet is to rule out possible issues. Some of the steps do not require sophisticated or complex tools while others may need some technical skills to get your cigarette lighter socket to work again.

1. Inspect for foreign items inside the socket

As we have mentioned, any obstructions to the socket can prevent power from flowing from it to your device that needs to get charged. Either that, or it may cause a blown fuse if the object is conductive.

When checking for foreign objects, be sure to avoid using a tool that is made of metal such as a screwdriver or some tweezers since these are conductive materials. Be careful when removing these objects to avoid injury or further damage to the socket.

2. Test for ground and power

When testing for power, you need either a voltmeter or a test light. These tools allow you to determine if there is ground or power at the socket. Check the center pin inside your socket for power and then ground on the barrel’s interior portion. 

If you do not find any power, then you should inspect the fuse. When there is no ground or power, inspect the connections plugged into your socket.

3. Plug the cigarette lighter in

Do you still have that cigarette lighter, which came with your vehicle? If so, plug this piece in and push it in firmly to activate it. Pull it out and check if the coils became hot, which could mean that the socket is perfectly fine. However, when there is no heat generated at all, there is no power to the socket.

Checking For Power To The Socket

If the problem is not with any obstruction in the socket, then you may want to proceed to either one of these three ways to go about further checks.

The very first thing is by inserting a cigarette lighter, as we have mentioned above. When there is heat generated afterwards, or if the lighter pops out, then it means that there is power to your socket.

You can also use your test light, which allows you to check if there is power. Or, you may want to inspect your fuse panel and then see if your fuse in the cigarette lighter has been blown.

However, if the 12v power outlet you have is not blown, and there is power to the socket, the accessory plug or the socket you are using may be the issue. Your 12-volt accessory socket and the cigarette lighter are designed in a way that some loose tolerance may be present. Hence, if there is no contact present, then it is impossible for your accessory to obtain power.

In the case of a blown fuse in the cigarette lighter, you need to check what may be the cause. If it is because of a coin lodged in the socket, then the blown fuse needs to be replaced. But if it is not blown and there is only a short circuit, you need to keep this in mind, too.

Your cigarette lighter circuit is basically fused at either 10A or 15A. It is not much when you think about it. Thus, if the inverter is not designed to keep the current demands lower than this level, if you plug in some electronics, this could theoretically cause the fuse to blow up while the inverter still works well.

This is why you should start by replacing your 12v accessory socket fuse or the cigarette lighter. In case either one blows up quickly, then there is a short in the circuit. But if the fuse blows after plugging in your cigarette lighter, then that may be the issue. 

If you notice that everything seems fine, yet the fuse blows up after plugging in your inverter, then the latter is the culprit.

Whatever the case may be, your cigarette lighter inverter’s limitations mean that it may be best to hook a different inverter directly to your battery or the fuse panel. 

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Wrap Up

With your Hyundai Santa Fe 12v power outlets not working, it may be an inconvenience when the time comes for you to charge your devices while driving. So, you may want to try these troubleshooting tips to determine the problem and how to fix it accordingly.

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