Does Mini Cooper Have Spare Tire? Find The Answer Out Here!

Driving with a flat tire is not fun, so you wonder – does Mini Cooper have spare tire?

Having a spare tire is a must when driving. You can never tell the dangers that may come along, which not only impacts your convenience but also your safety. 

So, if you have a Mini Cooper, and you are curious if this actually comes with a spare tire, keep reading to discover the answer to this question. Let’s jump right into it.

does mini cooper have spare tire

Does Mini Cooper Have Spare Tire?

The short answer to this question is a no – there is no spare tire to a Mini Cooper. Instead, there is a run-flat tire added in. What this does is you can still drive your vehicle even if you have a flat tire. But there is a limit to the speed, which is 80 kilometers per hour, and the maximum distance is 80 kilometers.

This way, you can drive your car to the nearest repair shop to get your tire replaced. So, if you are very far from a shop, or you are trying to get home coming from a very distant location, this feature will not take you very far.

Most Mini Coopers manufactured recently have no spare tires as a standard feature. They, however, are equipped with run-flat tires. This feature is great for driving a considerable length of time in case there is air pressure loss or puncture to your tire.

Additionally, run flat tires are capable of keeping your trip more convenient and safer. This is because you can drive to the nearest repair shop – unlike other vehicles that immediately require a tire replacement when their old one is damaged.

But do keep in mind one important thing – replacing your Mini Cooper tires can be quite expensive. In fact, it costs a little more than what you would normally pay for your standard tires. The quality of riding a car running on a run flat tire is also stiffer. This is why it is quite uncomfortable and not suitable for a long distance drive.

It is best to limit the speed to up to 50 miles per hour when you are using your run-flat tires. This also means you would have to get the tire replaced sooner than later. This way, you can ease your worries and stay safe when on the road.

Now, some Mini Coopers do come with a spare tire, which counts as an additional accessory. However, this needs to be purchased as it is not a standard feature. You may also choose to buy a spare tire and a separate jack kit. You should be able to keep these conveniently in your vehicle’s trunk. This definitely comes in handy during emergencies and accidents.

Additionally, you can always install a spare tire in your vehicle. But the downside to this is your storage space can become much less than when you do not have any spare tire. This is an inconvenience for those who are going on a long trip that would require packing more luggage aside from just the basic necessities.

does mini cooper have spare tire

Additional Facts About Run Flat Tires

Let us talk more about run-flat tires and what these actually are. Basically, you can count on this when your existing tire is flat because of a puncture or other types of damage. The run flat tires allow your vehicle to continue running safely. This means even without or little pressure, they should still be able to get you to your destination – or at least a nearby mechanic.

Unlike traditional tires, you can expect a few advantages to run flat tires. These include more safety. You can still control your vehicle even if your tire is already deflated. 

Additionally, it is safe and convenient to use. You do not have to change your wheel assemblies or your tire when at a roadside. Carrying a spare tire is also no longer necessary. Thus, you can have more space in your trunk, as well as reduce weight.

Not all vehicles have run-flat tires. But with the Mini Cooper, it does have it, which is the same for many vehicles produced by Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Even some Cadillac models have run flat tires. So, it is good for emergencies.

However, it is good to remember that there are some factors about the run flat tires that you need to consider. These tires are designed to take you home when your standard tires have been punctured. You can also check the type of run flat tires you have. Some can only travel up to 80 kilometers per hour and at a designated distance. So, it is good to remember this to avoid pushing your luck and driving farther than what your run flat tires can handle.

As for the spare tires, there are Mini Coopers with a Micro Space Saver Tire. You can locate this underneath the car’s rear portion. But in the case of a Mini Cooper S, there is no fitted spare tire included. Instead, it only has a run flat tire. The reason for this is the battery has been moved to the rear part in order to provide space for your supercharger located underneath the hood.

Thus, if you have a problem with the tire, you can still run your car using the run flat tire. But do remember that due to the unusual size of the run flat tire, not all garages have it. This is why you need to invest in non-run flats when you want to obtain better comfort and tread wear during your drive.

If your Mini Cooper has a spare tire, you should be able to access it with just a few steps.

  • Remove your trunk floor trim panel
  • Remove your lowering handle
  • Take the tool tray out to gain access to your spare tire carrier securing system
  • Take the cover securing nut with a socket tool
  • Remove your cover and thread your lowering handle on your carrier stud
  • Pull your lowering tool and then try pinching your locking clip
  • Lower your spare tire carrier with a lowering handle
  • Pull out the carrier tray and your spare tire

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Bottom Line

We hope this answered your question on Does Mini Cooper have spare tire. As you can see, some have while others do not. So it is good to check if your Mini Cooper has one or if all you have is a run flat tire to get you to a mechanic in times of an emergency.

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