Mini Cooper S Upgrades To 300 Horsepower Key Pointers

Perhaps you are seriously thinking about doing a Mini Cooper S upgrades to 300 horsepower.

Now, as we all know, the Mini Cooper is a reliable vehicle. It may come in a neat, little package, yet it has a lot of power – more than what you think it has.

But at the same time, you may be contemplating upgrading the horsepower. In the case of the Mini Cooper S, the existing power may not suffice for you. This is why you want to boost it some more. 

If so, keep reading this post to understand crucial key points about this project. Let’s get started.

mini cooper s upgrades to 300 horsepower

Mini Cooper S Upgrades To 300 Horsepower

If you are thinking about getting more power right out of your Mini Cooper S, then there are some things to be done about it. The very first and perhaps the simplest task is by replacing your current intake and exhaust. When you get a brand new exhaust and intake, this will promote better airflow that will improve your horsepower and throttle response.

There are also some people who get great results when they change the tune on their Mini Cooper. There are some DIY tuning chips available in the market. This enables you to reprogram your ECU with an OBD II port in the vehicle. Therefore, the performance can significantly improve while enhancing the engine’s timing.

Another thing to consider is installing a better limited-slip rear differential. What this does is it helps to direct power to your rear wheels – both of them. You can also consider getting much better tires than what you have.

For the most part, the Mini Cooper S comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. There are dual overhead cams and one twin-scroll turbo. This is why it is a pretty decent engine that you can count on.

If your Mini Cooper S has a B48 engine, you can get up to 300 power at the wheels. Yet, if you think this is insufficient, and you want more, then you will have to build out of your engine’s bottom end. 

Mini Coopers are basically sporty and fun cars to drive. They are lightweight, which makes them capable of making quick turns. Some people prefer to improve the suspension instead of the horsepower. Yet, if you are more keen on boosting power, there are some things you can do.

Some tuning companies limit the Mini Cooper S to 270 horsepower and 400-lb/ft. So, if you want to get more than these figures, you will need to do a replacement of key components. 

For instance, bigger power means forging some parts such as the engine and then de-cat. You also have to upgrade your clutch and filter – the brakes and suspension should also be changed. So, it is all about how much you are willing to pay and without compromising the vehicle’s reliability and safety.

If you want to boost the horsepower, you can start with adding more ccs. The 1275cc engine is basically cheaper than the smaller motors. There are more extensive modifications involved, and the traction is super while providing a good amount of power. But at the same time, you would have to deal with more noise and vibration unlike with a smaller engine. 

So, if your Mini has a smaller engine, you may want to replace the engine with a bigger one. The bigger the engine, the more power it can get. This also means improving the engine with a higher tune, which is the MG or Metro Engine. By doing so, you do not have to do any dismantling for the cylinder head and camshaft.

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Next up, you may want to modify your engine. Keep in mind that it is never a practical idea to swap your engine out when you have a good one already installed. So, you can start with getting a stage 1 kit. This basically includes a LCB exhaust manifold, performance air filter, new exhaust, and a replacement for your carburetor needle. This kit also comes in various engine sizes.

When you have these elements, you can have an easier time with doing modifications in the future while at the same time sticking to a decent budget when improving power to your engine.

Additionally, the improvement on power can go from 20 to 25 percent. Fuel economy is also enhanced, and you should have a relatively easy time fitting the kits, as long as you possess some basic mechanical skills and knowledge.

Another thing you can do is to replace your existing carburetor with a much larger one. While it may not offer significant benefits for an engine in a standard tune, it is definitely an initial step before you fit your stage 1 kit.

Then, there are a few other things you can replace such as the cylinder head. Installing one with modified chambers, larger valves, and ports always helps. As for the cost involved, it depends on the extent of modifications done.

The camshaft can also be replaced for better power. When you have a longer-duration type of cap, frequent slipping of your clutch when at low speeds and idling of the engine may occur. So it is best to choose the right cam for the particular purpose you have in mind.

You can also try to re-bore your engine for more power. Starting with a 1274cc block is a good idea or you can go up to 1380cc if possible and maintain the reliability of your vehicle.


Mini Cooper S upgrades to 300 horsepower can be tricky. There are so many modifications involved, and they are most definitely not very cheap. This is why it is important to consider the compatibility of parts you swap out, as well as if there are any negative impacts to your vehicle’s reliability. By doing so, you can eliminate potential problems and have a more desirable experience in driving your car.

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