Causes Of Ford Escape Undercarriage Cover Coming Off

Do you worry about your Ford Escape undercarriage cover coming off?

It is definitely not easy when some parts of your vehicle act up. This impacts not only the vehicle’s performance but also your safety and comfort.

One of the problems that people experience with their Ford Escape is the undercarriage. This plastic cover is basically  an engine splash protector. This is something that various types of vehicles have such as SUVs and trucks. But the thing is that whenever you drive over speed bumps or any bumps, the splash shield ends up getting some damage. Sometimes, it may even fall off completely.

So, if you are encountering this particular issue with your Ford Escape, keep reading to learn more – and what you can do about it.

ford escape undercarriage cover coming off

Ford Escape Undercarriage Cover Coming Off

First, let us discuss what this splash shield is and what it is for. Basically, the splash shield is a cover connected to your vehicle’s lower portion of the undercarriage. It is right between the engine and the surface you drive on. 

Splash shields come in different shapes and designs. But most of these are crafted from plastic. There are no metal components at all, and there is no wire or electrical part. Now, these coveralls are often crafted from plastic, and this cover is installed firmly on your undercarriage.

There are many reasons why an engine splash shield is important. For the most part, it safeguards your engine from debris and water. This serves as a barrier between the ground and your engine. Therefore, you should have no problem with driving across puddles since polluted water is unlikely to get into the engine. 

As a result, the engine is well-protected from contaminants. And most importantly, you can rest assured that you have a dry and clean engine at all times.

Additionally, there are many other benefits that the splash shield offers. One of these includes aerodynamics. In fact, splash shields have different shapes and styles and many of these are capable of providing ample air resistance. With impressive aerodynamics, some engine splash shields can cause an improvement to your gas mileage.

But it is not just the engine that is protected by your undercarriage cover or splash shield. It also protects various parts of the vehicle. Some of these include the oil pan and the suspension, to name a few.

So, if there is damage to your splash shield, it is always good to have it replaced right away. Now, there are two types of material used for it such as metal or plastic. What’s good about plastic is that it is cheaper. So, you should be able to buy a replacement splash shield at a decent price point. But at the same time, it is not as durable as metal. It can break easily, which means a frequent replacement of this component may be necessary.

On the other hand, metal splash shields are costly. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that they last much longer than those made of plastic. If you regularly drive your vehicle in areas that have plenty of harsh road elements or gravel, then you can benefit from a metal splash shield.

It is also important to choose a splash shield that is compatible with your Ford Escape. Choose one designed for the particular model and make of the vehicle that you have to avoid issues.

Once you have your splash shield replacement, you can start working. You will need some additional materials such as a car jack, bolts, screws, washers, a socket wrench, flat head screwdriver, and your protective gear (gloves, goggles, close-toed shoes).

To start, park your vehicle on a flat surface and make sure it has cooled completely if ever you were driving it initially. Jack the vehicle up and make sure you are able to access your splash shield. 

Locate the part you need to replace. But be sure to wipe the surface well first to take out some debris. Remove the bolts and screws and your old splash shield. Install the new one and secure this part with the right screws, washers, and bolts.

Once you have the replacement splash shield installed, you can now lower the vehicle. Test drive to make sure you really have your splash shield fastened securely. It is important that your new splash shield is installed properly and is not loose. Otherwise, this can cause some problems and inconvenience if you need to reinstall it or buy a new one because it has become damaged once it falls off.

Additional Factors To Consider

Splash shields come in different types. This impacts the cost of buying one and also having a professional replace it for you. For instance, if you have a mechanic install the replacement splash shield, you can expect it to cost over $150 per hour. But if you want a direct OEM type of replacement, it depends on the size of your vehicle. Therefore, it may cost about $50 to as much as $150. 

Buying an aftermarket splash shield made of plastic should be cheap, somewhere around $15 or a bit more. This is suitable for smoother roads. Yet, if you are running through rougher, off-roads, heavy duty ones are more important.

There are also reinforced types of undercarriage cover, which can handle abuse. It can definitely protect your car from hazards. Be sure to choose a more solid type of splash shield that can protect your vehicle’s more critical parts.

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When you have a Ford Escape undercarriage cover coming off, it can most definitely be a nuisance. This is why we highly recommend getting this fixed right away whether by yourself or by a professional mechanic. By doing so, you can prevent damage to crucial parts underneath your vehicle and keep your mind at ease as you drive.

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