Ford Escape Ignition Switch Problems That You Never Knew!

Are you wondering about Ford Escape ignition switch problems?

So, you are driving your vehicle when suddenly, you notice an issue with stalling or even your car suddenly dying as you drive it. What gives?

There are so many complications in a vehicle. Electronic components may sometimes simply act up, and it is never fun once it happens. 

With that being said, let us look into these issues with the ignition switch and what you can do about these. Let’s jump right into it.

ford escape ignition switch problems

Ford Escape Ignition Switch Problems

Before we go right ahead to talk about these problems, let us first have a basic understanding of what the ignition switch is. This is basically an essential electronic component in your vehicle. You can find this on your steering column and behind your ignition lock cylinder. Moreover, it is where you place your key, so you can start your car.

This switch features various positions, which also power on several systems once you turn your key. The electrical accessories are activated when in the initial position, then the second position powers your ignition systems and fuel, while the third position powers your engine.

Therefore, the ignition switch is critical in controlling various aspects of the car. This is why it is important to ensure the proper performance of your vehicle. Because you use the switch each time you power your vehicle on, it will soon wear out. Then, issues will start to arise. When your ignition switch has become faulty, there are a few symptoms that may come along. 

Below are some of the signs to look into and what you need to do about each. Here we go:

1. Stalling while you drive

This is the most common, and usually the initial sign that your ignition switch has problems. Your vehicle may just stall as your engine operates. This is not only an inconvenient thing but it is also a scary thing to happen to your car. Once the ignition switch malfunctions as your engine is on, the fuel systems and ignition may not receive any power. This causes the stalling issue.

Now, depending on the actual problem, you may not be able to restart your vehicle. This is why it is important to have the problem checked by a mechanic and fixed sooner than later.

2. Your vehicle starts but then stalls.

This is kind of the same as the first issue, except for the fact that you have not actually driven it yet – and it already stalls as soon as you start it. This means that the switch has failed when at the on location, so you are able to start the car but stalls immediately. 

What happens is that the ignition switch was able to give the power required to start it, yet this power is immediately cut off when you move the key back to “on”. While there should be no issues with cranking your vehicle, it is not capable of staying this way when you have your key in a resting position.

3. Failure to start the engine

There are many potential issues involved when you have a problem with starting your engine. But one of them is an ignition switch problem. You see, the switch is responsible for sending power to your engine controls, ignition controls and starter motor. They may fail to get ample power required for starting the vehicle when you have a faulty ignition switch.

One of the most common signs is not being able to start the engine. While it may seem to be a battery problem, you may try jump-starting the battery and still have trouble with starting the engine. So, it is best to have your ignition switch checked by a specialist.

4. Not being able to power your accessories

There is another concern that people experience when it comes to powering their accessories on. For instance, the radio is not turning on, your interior lights are not responsive, and you encounter these issues even if you have turned the controls on with your key.

Initially, you may assume that it is a wiring or fuse problem. However, it can very well be an ignition switch concern that you need to address immediately.

5. Inability to remove or turn your key

If you have an issue with taking your key out, it can be linked to an ignition switch problem. It is possible that your key is unable to connect inside your switch correctly. This is why you need to be very cautious about having a bad switch since your engine may still run even if there is no key inserted – and this is most definitely a safety hazard.

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Wrap Up

Your ignition switch is most definitely an important component of your vehicle. It is essential for starting your car and powering your electrical components and accessories. But there are times when it may fail because of abuse or worn out relevant parts.

If so, there is a need to have some or just one of the ignition parts. It also depends on your skill to do this, as it may be too complex and would require a specialist to work on it. With that being said, you may want to take your vehicle to a specialist. Keep in mind that replacing the ignition switch can be difficult. First, you need to take the steering wheel out and work as close as possible to your airbag. This, in itself, is already quite dangerous. 

So, we highly recommend having a professional do this to ensure the best results possible and eliminate further issues that may come along. Never treat this as a simple DIY project as there are many complications involved, which may prevent you from resolving the problem while even potentially putting yourself in an unsafe situation. Contact a specialist in your area to do this on your behalf.

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