Subaru Key Stuck In Ignition? What You Can Do!

Are you dealing with a Subaru key stuck in ignition?

It is never fun when you have to deal with a vehicle issue. After all, you just want things to work fine and avoid any inconveniences along the way… Right?

Unfortunately, it does happen that you encounter issues with your car. This includes key problems, with your Subaru. If this is something that are are working with, keep reading this post to get some tips on how to address this problem. Let’s get started.

subaru key stuck in ignition

Tips For Subaru Key Stuck in Ignition

For the most part, there is no need to panic when you have a key stuck in ignition. There are always some techniques you can try that will enable you to take the key out from your ignition system.

Basically, you want to know how to remove the key without causing damage to your vehicle. By doing so, you should eliminate this issue with the least amount of pressure. So, if you want to prevent damage and further concerns with your vehicle while at the same time pulling the key out – keep reading.

1. Make sure the voltage is good.

First things first – you need to ensure the proper charge of your Subaru’s battery. Is your car able to start? Then you still have power in your battery. This is why the first thing to look into is your battery – and make sure it is providing the right voltage. By doing so, you can know for sure that the battery is not the culprit for a stuck key in the ignition.

2. Jiggle your steering wheel. 

Vehicles all come with a steering lock. This is a security feature that helps to ward off unauthorized access to your vehicle. But the downside of this is that a steering lock can contribute to stuck key issues.

For instance, the steering wheel lock tends to bind your key to your ignition switch by triggering the lock. Therefore, if your vehicle has this feature, you can try wiggling your steering as you try and remove your key.

If you are certain that the cause is indeed the steering lock, jiggling it should easily loosen your lock. Hence, you will be able to remove your key. It is a typical concern among those who park their vehicles on slopes or hills, which prevent it from rolling forward or backward unnecessarily.

Another situation that can cause the key to get stuck due to the steering wheel lock is when you park your car in a particular direction. This is why you can simply give a slight jerk to the steering wheel, which should enable you to pull the key out.

3. Inspect your shifter

If you have an automatic transmission vehicle, you need to keep in mind that it may have a lock that causes such an issue when trying to remove your keys. This is why if your Subaru is currently in gear, your key has a high risk of getting stuck in your ignition. It is your vehicle’s way of preventing it from simply rolling off.

However, if your Subaru is on another gear, the parking brake stays off. As a result, your key tends to get stuck in the ignition if it is in parking mode. 

You can troubleshoot this problem by first making sure that your car is parked properly and not moving. Then, move your shifter upwards until it is on park and try to remove your key gradually. What you are doing at this point is inspecting whether you have a park mechanism in place. This is why if it is not at all the problem, you should be able to pull your key out.

4. Grease your key

If you have tried all of these troubleshooting techniques, yet nothing seems to work, the next step is to grease your stuck key. This would need some elbow grease if you want to pull your key out of the ignition. Use a minimal amount of oil and add some more. 

Did you notice a bit of movement after greasing? If so, you may want to pick up the pace and continue oiling slowly. But at the same time, make sure that you are not applying force to pull the key out. Otherwise, it may permanently get stuck in your cylinder. This is why patience and precision can go a long way when trying to remove your key.

5. Check for trouble codes.

If you have tried everything, yet nothing  seems to work, you may want to use your scanner in removing the key. This way, you can look for error codes that may cause the problem. By simply connecting your scanner, it can analyze the issue involved and allow you to solve it right away. Just make it a point to use a reliable and good quality scanner that can get the job done.

6. Check your push and safety key

Various vehicles come with a backup lock in their ignition. By pressing this button, you should be able to press your key, rotate it, and then remove it. However, one quick reminder – this is a complex trip, and you really need to know the specifics about your vehicle based on the manual. Silly mistakes will cause the key to being stuck permanently.

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Bottom Line

If your key keeps on getting stuck in your vehicle’s ignition, it can be due to various factors such as a locked steering, or your wheels are not aligned while parked. This causes the key to get stuck.

However, there are a few things you can try to remove the key. You may want to jiggle your wheel lock, or you can check if your battery still has power. Then, you need to inspect your key and make sure there is no damage. Or, you should bring your vehicle to a mechanic that would be able to solve this issue without causing massive damage to your vehicle.

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