How To Reset Transfer Case Control Module In Simple Ways!

Finding out how to reset transfer case control module is not always easy.

There are so many things to consider that make it tricky. This is why it is important to know the right steps to take, so you can avoid making things worse.

A transfer case control module is an important part of your vehicle’s traction. So, if you want to stay safe and prevent further issues, it is important to know how you can reset your transfer case control module correctly.

Today’s post will tackle the best ways to go about this process, so you can eliminate unnecessary headaches along the way. Let’s get started.

how to reset transfer case control module

How To Reset Transfer Case Control Module

As we have mentioned, there are many uses of the transfer case control module. It aims to ensure proper balance of your vehicle’s various operations. For instance, it controls your transfer case, electronic differential lock, and transmission. With all these things being said, it is absolutely important to know how you can reset this module. Here are the steps involved.

1. Turn the vehicle off.

Before you do anything to your transfer case control module, you first need to make sure your vehicle is steady. Park it in a safe place and turn the engine off. This is a step that some rookies make when they try to reset their transfer case control module. Thus, they get into some trouble.

If you fail to turn the vehicle off first, you may cause some functions and parts to malfunction and become unbalanced. This is why you also need to remove the key after you turn the vehicle off. Press the transmitter’s block switch, which will cause the door to open.

Next, be sure to press this very same button twice after a few seconds. After pressing, the door should then close.

2. Turn your key

When you have performed step number one, you need to turn your ignition button over to one side and another in 5 seconds. Then, put the switch in the on position and quickly to the off position. Do these steps about four times to get the same result before you proceed to the next step.

Moreover, you need to press your lock button once. Do this while your key is turned in the off position from your ignition switch position.

3. Activate the reset button

A reset button can be found near your instrument panel. It is in the area close to your seat, which makes it easy to operate. Therefore, when you have found the button, you need to press and hold this. Just holding it for a second should be all it takes.

But we do like to point out the fact that you should repeat step number two, which involves turning the ignition switch from one side and another twice. What this means is that you should rotate your switch between off and on positions.

When doing a reset, you can turn your starter key at the off position. So, it is very important that you have pressed your lock button at this point – and you only have to perform this technique one time. 

You should be able to see a message that reads “check trans” for a couple of seconds. You will only see this message one time when you have the transfer case control module reset. Moreover, you should notice that the reset switch has stopped blinking when you no longer see the message on the screen.

4. Complete the process.

You can turn any of your starter keys to complete the procedure. Turn your key from on and then to the off position. Then, that should be the end of the process. 

Yet, in the event that some issues with your transfer case control module occurs, you need to seek the help of a specialist to do this for you. A complete diagnosis of your vehicle may be necessary to get the problem fixed and prevent further electronic-related issues.

Further Details To Consider

Your transfer case control module serves numerous purposes. For instance, it is responsible for a seamless gear-shifting experience. Therefore, if you want to ensure the proper performance of your vehicle, you need to also make sure that your transfer case control module is working right.

Next, your transfer case control module sends out information and signals to your lock-up clutch. Additionally, it is the same system responsible for regulating fuel efficiency and power. You also rely on your module for storing relevant data as this is both an electronic and a mechanical component. 

Depending on your driving conditions, the information helps in making proper and precise changes. The different functions of your transfer case control module will indicate an error code that leads to various issues. Some can be something as simple as an acceleration delay. Therefore, you need to make sure this module functions properly time and time again.

When reprogramming or resetting the model, you need a few tools. For instance, you need to have a scan tool, which is important once you have installed the module. You must connect the tool that will provide you with a programming function to carry out the resetting process. If you do not have this tool, it is best to leave this process to a specialist to avoid any issues.

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Wrap Up

When you have an issue with your transfer case control module, you may need to have it reset or repaired. But we highly recommend that you leave it to a professional who has experience in dealing with electronic components in vehicles. 

Overall, transfer case control modules should be easy to deal with when the issue is something uncomplicated such as a blown fuse. You just need to locate the fuse affected and get a replacement for it. But for other tasks that are more delicate, it is always best to leave it to the experts.

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