Causes Of The Volvo XC60 Whining Noise (And What You Can Do)

A Volvo XC60 whining noise is never a fun thing to deal with.

After all, no whining noise is pleasant to the ears. It always means that something is not right, and this is the last thing you want to go through when driving.

With this in mind, it helps to understand why this is happening to perform the correct diagnosis and troubleshooting required. 

If you are starting to get distracted and worried about this whining noise, find out why exactly this is happening, what you can do about it, and how to prevent this issue once and for all.

volvo xc60 whining noise

Volvo XC60 Whining Noise Causes 

Now, not all whining noises could mean a serious problem. This is why it is best to know first why this is happening before you consider hauling your vehicle to the mechanic. 

Here are the different situations why you may hear whining noises and what may be going on with your car when this happens.

1. Whining noise when you turn

If you hear a whining noise each time you turn your wheel, it is possible that the power steering system has an issue. This is why when you encounter this situation, the first thing to check is the steering belt. Check if it has gone loose or damaged. If so, simply tighten a loose steering belt or replace it when broken. 

When you notice that everything still appears to be intact, then the next thing to inspect is any sign of leaks in the power steering system. Low power steering fluid causes the whining noise, so you will have to top it up to eliminate the whining sound.

But if none of the above seem to be causing the problem, then it is likely to be a transmission issue. Either get your transmission repaired or replaced, depending on the current condition of this particular component.

2. Whining noise as you accelerate

When you hear the whining noise each time you accelerate, then it is possible that the transmission is having issues. Whining sounds as you accelerate mean there are worn out gears present or you need to top up the transmission fluid. But there is a deeper problem to this since there may be a leak that is causing the transmission fluid to go down in the right level.

Moreover, you may want to inspect your alternator bearings. Aside from being low on your power steering fluid, there may be existing damages to the piston, AC compressor, and your water pump.

3. Whining noise when idle

In case you have an older car, do not expect it to be smooth and free from any sounds. This is particularly true when you are on idle. However, do consider the difference between a loud and offensive whining noise and a not so loud whining sound. If you hear the noise is too loud, then you may be simply low on oil because of a leak. Either that, or you have stuck valves that require some adjusting.

How To Fix Volvo XC60 Whining Noise

how to fix volvo xc60 whining noise

When you hear whining noises as you drive, turn, or while on idle, you may think that the next best thing to do is to take your vehicle to the mechanic right away.

However, you should also check if the noise is constant and getting worse. In fact, there are instances when you can easily solve this issue by simply performing easy tasks whether it is replacing or tightening the belt. You can definitely do this yourself, as well as topping up the fluid.

This is why the moment you hear this noise, you should go ahead and inspect the fluid levels. If you are low on power steering fluid or transmission fluid, or oil, then you need to definitely top these top. Sometimes, just a simple refill of these fluids can quickly solve the problem. 

But if the numbers go down quickly – and even after topping up – then it is highly likely that there is a leak somewhere. This is why you may see that the fluid level is low once again.

So, you need to check for leaks in your system and make sure you get it fixed right away. Always remember that it does not make any sense to keep on topping up your fluids when the real cause of the problem is not addressed appropriately, which is the leak. 

Or, if the issue is because of a transmission problem, then the whining noise will just keep going on unless you get your transmission repaired or replaced, whichever is required for the existing problem it has.

It is always easy to decide that you’ll take the vehicle to a mechanic out of fear or worry that the noise you are hearing is something quite serious. Or, you may simply surrender your power to the mechanic and let them do the job even if it is only something minor, which you can probably do yourself as a DIY project.

With this in mind, we highly suggest that you inspect the cause of the problem first and do the diagnosis, then you can decide whether it requires a specialist’s skills or if it is something that you can easily do yourself. This is a more practical route to do things since not only will it save you time but also unnecessary massive expenses.

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Final Word

No matter what you do, it is always a good idea to never ignore the Volvo XC60 whining noise you hear. These noises can indicate a serious problem, but it can also be minor ones that require prompt attention so they will not get worse and cause more damage to your vehicle.

We hope this guide has been helpful for you, so you can go about the correct route when dealing with such an issue and get it all fixed up sooner than later.

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