Volvo XC60 Sound System Problems – Important Things To Know

Although not very common, it is possible to experience some Volvo XC60 sound system problems at one point or another.

Volvo is among the largest car companies today. With decades of experience in the industry, it is a well-known brand for its efficient engines, stunning design, and safety features. It also offers extensive support and service to customers.

However, there are instances when the sound system may fail. This is why it is best to have a better understanding of these issues and how you can go about them. Let’s get started.

Volvo XC60 Sound System Key Components

volvo xc60 sound system key components

The Volvo XC60 is known for its impressive audio system. The smart system comes with several built-in speakers, as well as a digital amplifier capable of delivering excellent sound quality.

When you would like to connect your devices, you should be able to do so using multiple options such as the USB ports, Bluetooth port, or two auxiliary ports.

But there are instances when the sound system may fail whether it is the car stereo or the speakers. Here are some common issues you need to know and how to address these.

Head Unit

This refers to the portion of the stereo visible on the dashboard. It is what you use for controlling the other components and contains necessary software and hardware for reading files such as aux ports, bluetooth, USB, and volume controls.

Speaker Assemblies

These are your speakers that enable you to hear the audio when playing music in your car. The Volvo XC60 comes with up to 14 speakers per set and featuring the Harman Kardon system.


It is a component of your stereo that powers up all the other parts. This is commonly an integrated circuit that receives power from external sources such as the battery. Moreover, it provides power to various diodes and transistors that amplify and control sound signals. This regulates the voltage levels as it manages the current flowing through resistors and ensures stability.


The wiring in your sound system is responsible for carrying audio signals from your amplifier to the speakers. There are various wires with insulation, which prevents electrical interference.

Furthermore, the wiring connects other components together. This connects your amplifier to the battery and the antenna. In the case of the Volvo XC60, there is an intricate wiring system, which enables you to install a new car stereo with ease.

Volvo XC60 Sound System Problems – Common Causes

volvo xc60 sound system problems

You may notice that your Volvo XC60 does not produce any sound. If it is not working, then here are a few reasons why this may happen.

1. Blown fuse

The common reason why your sound system is not working is a blown fuse. The fuse is used for preventing short circuits by restricting electricity flow from interruption. But at the same time, the fuse can blow up and burn out because of too much voltage or current.

Thus, if you have a blown fuse, you may not hear any sound coming out of the stereo. This is why you should replace your blown fuse with a new one. It should not be a difficult thing to do since it requires very simple skills and tools. Just locate the fuse box in the vehicle, take the old fuse out and replace with a new one.

2. Loose speaker wires

Next up, one other reason for the Volvo XC60 sound system problems is your wires are loose. If the connection is loose and not secured, this may be responsible for the lack of volume in your car stereo.

You can easily fix this problem by connecting and tightening the wires using the right connectors. This way, you can be sure that all of the cables are properly connected, which should prevent any interference between the cables as you play music in your stereo.

3. Software issue

You may also be encountering some sound system problems with your Volvo XC60 because of a software problem. This is not very uncommon and many people experience such a problem once you have a software that is not compatible anymore with your car stereo. The quickest thing to do is to update your software, and it should be good to go.

4. Faulty amplifier

The audio system may also fail because of a damaged amplifier. You will simply have to replace it, especially if you notice signs of damage such as burnt components.

When first installed, your amplifier should work just fine. However, if you have accidentally dropped the part, or there is damage incurred, this can reduce the performance of your car stereo, which is why a replacement would be necessary.

How To Fix Sound System Problems With The Volvo XC60

how to fix sound system problems with the volvo xc60

The XC60 comes with an impressive radio system, which makes it ultimately possible for you to listen to music while driving and experience superb audio quality.

But then again, it may suddenly stop working as it should. Here are some things you can do when trying to fix a sound system that is not working.

1. Restart your radio’s head unit.

It is the quickest and simplest means of resolving the problem, which is why it is the first thing you need to try. Do a reboot of your radio by checking out the menu portion of the display. However, avoid clicking the factory reset button since it will delete your settings while at the same time resetting the head unit to the original settings.

2. Make sure there’s power.

One reason why your sound system may not be working is due to zero power. You can easily tell by pressing your menu button and being unable to reboot it. Check your radio’s power cord, and there needs to be a good connection between your battery and head unit. When there is a loose connection, this explains why your radio is not functioning well.

3. Software needs an update.

Another possible cause of the sound system problem is a software update. Perhaps you have not updated the radio to the most recent software, which is why you should check out the home page, head over to the download center and then you can look for some updates that need to be performed.

But at the same time, if you continue to see the error message for over 12 hours, it may be that the service is down for maintenance. You may need to contact a customer service representative by Volvo to get some professional assistance on this matter.

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Wrapping Up

The Volvo XC60 sound system is one of the finest because of the crisp quality of audio that it can produce. However, if problems arise and you are unable to get it to work well, you may want to consider the following tips and tricks to help your get your sound system to work just as it should.

2 thoughts on “Volvo XC60 Sound System Problems – Important Things To Know”

  1. Hello my XC60 was in a front collision in which it sustained a leak not when the ac was on but when it rained and the summer of 2021 in Texas we broke rain records that year. The leak was on the passenger side floor board, which inreported it the insurance companies voice mail several times . Then around a 1.5 weeks and a lot of rain that resulted in a 2-3 inch pool of water in the passenger front, which I emptied daily or several times a day for 1.5 weeks despite my urgent calls several times a day to them after I bet 20 calls I actually got a live person. She wasn’t the adjuster on my case but she felt sorry for me as arrangements hadn’t been made for my rental car so I was livid by now. So despite the water damage the car received excellent and very good marks on the intake inspection to the collision center. However, the things that we in working perfectly were returned in disrepair or fell into disrepair within a week of its release from the collision center. I think they overlooked the leak or forgot because the person they did the report called and the car had made it and he would be getting the estimate ready. Ok and we hung up I realized later that I should tell him about the leak so called back and reported the leak. I then he was finished with it I mentioned the leak and sounded like he was bothered and mentioned that it was probably leaking before the accident. I said it wasn’t I took good care of my vehicles and I would have noticed, he said very reluctantly that he would look into it six weeks later the car was finished and he emailed me the report on everything that had been done I noticed no mention of the leak so when I got there to pick up I mentioned it and the guy that worked on my car wasn’t there so they were trying to get a hold by phone. They couldn’t locate him I had dropped the rental car off and had another appointment and needed to go so they showed me to my car and it’s was pouring rain so I couldn’t really look at it. So I start down the road touch the passenger side floorboard and it was so wet. I called them back and we agreed I would bring it back when I had time. When I did I was told to call a different department of the insurance company. I knew that wasn’t good. I called and the insurance co. claimed that the impact wasn’t severe enough cause fire wall damage …I thought “but strong enough to have the drivers and passenger air bag deploy”. I’m asking this question because and getting to that question soon I don’t mean for this to be so long as I know everyone is busy they are required by law to notify me in writing within 15 days of a denied claim. Not only did they not reply within the the time allowed they never even addressed my claim until much later after the car was given back to me in such disrepair. even though I made the claim to 6 different people either affiliated with Progressive insurance or contracted by them by them. I called so many times often a few times a day having to leaving voice messages with zero returned calls, the claims the adjuster assigned to me by progressive insurance co.the collision repair center contracted by Progressive insurance Co.. the Volvo dealer, and 4 other employees of Progressive Co. The Volvo came back to me from the collision with AC problems, audio problems ,and a sunroof malfunction , controls panel problems , and computer short circuited, gear shifter problem as the gear shifter would unexpectedly not shift from park sometimes causing me to be late to my appointments , the dealer claims that there is coffee that maybe spilled from the cup holder right in front of the gear shifter. The another problems the dealer stated are due to corroded parts due to water damage from the leak in the passenger side and the leak remained unresolved. The insurance company claimed that the dealer reported that the sunroof was the reason however I asked the dealer to send me the report as soon as they sent it to the insurance company and my copy doesn’t state that. It does suggest that all the parts in question be replaced and the estimate was over 10 thousand dollars. The repairers car had previously incurred 14k by the contracted preferred shop by the insurance provider. Would the usb and aux wiring to the media system affect the Bluetooth and overall function of the media? Because as I was driving away I went to plug my phone into the usb and it fell through the console a part that was removed during repair I wonder now if they were placed in the console and not connected they clearly weren’t installed properly. My other question is I just ran across your blog and saw that some of the same issues including my truck release problem the leak and would that leak cause the short circuiting and the corrosion?or was Volvo using the circumstances to pass the buck on the insurance company. In the meantime I’m in a car that hasn’t been repaired 2017 XC60 with low miles and just a bit over 30k miles much too soon for all that to be in disrepair and was working before going into the collision shop …yes wrecked but the car rated excellent or very good on parts checked by the mechanic that checked the car over for intake and returned in disrepair.
    Thank you for your thoughts and my apologies for the length of my woes but thought the details were necessary.
    Esteban Cardenas

    • Hi Esteban,

      I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve been experiencing with your XC60 and the insurance company. It sounds like a frustrating situation. Based on the information you provided, it seems that the collision repair center may have overlooked or neglected to address the leak issue in your car, leading to further problems after the repairs were completed. The water damage could potentially cause electrical issues, such as short-circuiting and corrosion, which could affect various components of the vehicle, including the media system.

      Regarding the USB and aux wiring, if they were not properly installed or connected during the repair process, it could certainly affect the functionality of the media system, including the Bluetooth connectivity. If the wiring was not connected or installed correctly, it could explain why your phone fell through the console when you tried to plug it in.

      As for the specific causes of the issues you’re facing, it’s difficult to determine without a thorough inspection by a qualified mechanic. However, it’s possible that the leak and subsequent water damage could be responsible for some of the problems you mentioned, such as the short circuiting and corrosion. It’s important to have a professional diagnose the issues and determine the exact cause.

      In situations like this, it’s advisable to continue working with your insurance company and the collision repair center to resolve the problems. You may want to provide them with the information from the Volvo dealer’s report, which suggests that the parts in question should be replaced. If necessary, you can consider seeking legal advice or involving a consumer protection agency to help address the situation.

      I understand that this has been a lengthy and frustrating process for you, but it’s important to persist in seeking a resolution. I hope you’re able to get the necessary repairs completed and have your car back in proper working order soon.

      Good luck!


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