What Are Common Volvo XC90 Door Lock Problems?

Power locks are mainly standard features nowadays, yet at the same time, there are some Volvo XC90 door lock problems that may arise at one point or another.

It may be a basic feature, yet problems can still occur. This is particularly true because of the fact that the keyless entry comes with more intricate parts, which can present some trouble over time.

If you are experiencing some issues with your door lock, consider the causes we will share below, as well as the common fixes you can try to address the problem.

volvo xc90 door lock problems

Volvo XC90 Door Lock Problems

If you are dealing with Volvo XC90 door lock problems, here are some things you may want to know on what may be causing these including some common fixes you can try.

1. Dead key fob battery

This is the typical reason behind a door lock issue with the Volvo XC90. Perhaps no matter how many times you try to open the door by pressing the button on your remote control key, nothing seems to work.

In this case, you should be able to fix the problem by replacing the dead battery. The type of battery depends on the exact number indicated in your owner’s manual. So, be sure to buy one that is exactly what is required. You may also want to check the manual to know how to open your fob and get the bad battery out and replace it with a new one.

2. Blown fuse

As with many other issues with electrical components in a vehicle, a blown fuse could be the culprit. This is why you should inspect the fuse connected to your power door lock to make sure it is indeed the issue. Check the manual to determine where the fuse box is, and in most cases, it is behind the plastic panel close the the driver’s side. It should not require complex tools to remove the fuse.

Then, be sure to remove the fuse and check for signs of damage such as a burnt smell and darkened color.

3. Malfunction in the key fob

Next up, it may simply be an issue with the key fob not working right. Your key fob is rather complex and may not just be a battery problem but something else. What you can do is to take it to your dealer, then they should be able to diagnose it for you. When it fails to send the right signal once connected to the computer, it means that it is already faulty and will require a replacement.

4. Solenoid issues

If the problem is none of the ones above – and the fuse is okay, the battery is fine, and yet you are still experiencing Volvo XC90 door lock problems, then the solenoid inside the doors may be the problem.

When pressing the buttons on your key fob, this sends signals to the solenoid in the car door. Then, it translates the signal mechanical actions that moves the steel rod to open or close the door. So, when the solenoid is not unlocking or locking, the inner door panel needs to be removed and replaced.

5. Connector or rod damage

This issue is not very common unlike an electronic malfunction. Hence, there is a chance that one of your rods or connectors are broken.

Over time, the material may get weaker and become damaged. This is why it needs to be removed and replaced. The inner door panel will be removed to be able to diagnose and address the issue since there may be underlying problems not easily seen by the naked eye.

6. Electrical

But if none of the issues above is the culprit, then it may simply be an electrical issue. All electric components need a logic board, as well as a wire traced to your power source. So, when there is a break in your wire, a problem may arise such as the door lock. Yet, if the function is only intermittent, there may be an electrical short because of the worn out plastic insulation of your wires.

However, if there is absolutely no function at all, then you have a broken wire to be replaced.

Additional Tips

When you encounter any or all of these issues, you need to keep in mind that your vehicle has a physical key you can use for unlocking and locking the car when the power door lock fails. This is why you should take care of this key well and use it as a backup when your power door lock fails.

It may be that your locks are faulty or broken, or which means you need a brand new lock to install and replace your old one. A locksmith should be able to help you without causing further damage to your door.

But if it is a fuse issue or a wiring problem, you need to check these components carefully to make sure that you replace it with the right parts. In the case of a wiring problem, you may simply need to tighten the connections or reposition your wires to see which one works best. But then again, you can just get a brand new lock system from a mechanic that should end your concern once and for all.

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Final Word

There are many reasons behind the Volvo XC90 door lock problems. You may have a component that needs to be installed, or the battery has already gone bad, or you need to have some parts taken out and replaced whether it is the solenoid or rod.

No matter what the cause may be, it is always good to conduct a diagnosis of the issues you are experiencing to determine the right course of action to take. As there are several reasons why your door lock is having some problems, it is best to understand the root of the issue and address it appropriately to have a complete resolution while preventing further damage over time.

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