Common Volvo XC60 Power Tailgate Problems You Should Know

No matter how well-made your vehicle may be, at certain points, you may encounter some Volvo XC60 power tailgate problems.

This is why you need to prepare for these issues to make sure things do not get worse over time. With the power tailgate, there are some concerns that may arise along the way. But with some solutions available to resolve these, you should be able to avoid major inconveniences.

Keep reading to learn more about these power tailgate problems with the Volvo XC60 that every owner needs to know.

volvo xc60 power tailgate problems

Volvo XC60 Power Tailgate Problems

The most common power tailgate problem with the Volvo XC60 is malfunction or total failure.

Unfortunately, it is not very easy to diagnose, which is why some people are not aware of it until the issue presents itself.

There are a number of issues linked with it such as the remote control on your car door opener just stops working, or your tailgate is completely stuck and it is impossible to open it as you normally would.

Now, there are a few reasons why the power tailgate may fail or get stuck. For instance, there could be an obstruction in the locking mechanism. This is why the lock gets jammed shut, and this prevents you from opening the tailgate with ease.

The best way to deal with this issue is to get the tailgate repaired. But it is not only a lengthy process to get it fixed; it can also be quite expensive.

One other thing that causes the tailgate to malfunction is a faulty battery in your remote fob. Thankfully, it is a rather easy fix. All you need to do is to replace your battery with a new one, and it should be good to go.

If the problem is not with the battery, it could be that the tailgate is stuck because of an accident. There is damage incurred that prevents the power tailgate from opening with ease. In fact, even minor accidents can cause damages to the tailgate. When it is a major accident, the tailgate may be beyond repair.

Sometimes, power tailgate issues arise when the solenoid fails to receive ample power. The fuse may be broken or the relay is faulty. Either one of these reasons can contribute to the Volvo XC60 power tailgate problems.

Normally, your tailgate can simply be opened with a press of the button or by activating it using your remote control key. But if this does not work, then further diagnosis needs to be done to determine the right solution to take.

Power Tailgate Operation

power tailgate operation

When you use electrical operation, make sure that you are aware of the roof height. Avoid using the tailgate’s electrical operation when the roof height is low.

In the case of a continuous operation of the system for quite some time, it typically switches off to prevent overload. Then, you can use it once more after 3 minutes or so.

If your starter battery is discharged when your tailgate has been opened, you need to close it manually. This will enable a reset in the system. You should also perform this step when you have left the tailgate open for over 24 hours.

Keep in mind that the tailgate’s maximum opening height is adjustable. This allows you to suit the height to the level of ceiling you have in your garage.

When adjusting the maximum opening, simply open your tailgate and stop it once the open position has been reached. Then, locate the button on the tailgate’s underside. Press and hold for 3 seconds, which then saves the desired maximum position.

You can also reset the maximum opening if need be. To do this, move your tailgate manually to the highest possible level. Press the button found on the tailgate for about 3 seconds. That’s all it takes to do a complete reset. Afterwards, your tailgate should maintain the maximum position once you open it.

It is also worth noting that your tailgate comes with a pinch protection. What this means is that when an object causes sufficient resistance, this feature prevents your tailgate from closing or opening, and this activates the pinch protection.

When opening, the power tailgate function is deactivated, hence causing the tailgate to stop. And when closing, the tailgate will stop and fully open.

You should also remember that there is a trapping risk when closing or opening. Thus, you need to make sure nobody is near the tailgate before you close or open. This way, you can prevent serious consequences. Operate the tailgate with proper caution at all times.

Moreover, there are pre-tensioned springs for your power tailgate. Avoid opening these springs for your tailgate. These have high pressure, which can lead to serious injury when opening accidentally.

Typically, there are three ways to open the tailgate. A long press on the button found on your headlamp control panel should open it. Another way is to press and hold the button on your remote control key. And lastly, push on the rubber pressure plate located under your outer handle.

As for closing, simply close the button on your tailgate.

If you wish to manually operate the tailgate, do it slowly and cautiously. Avoid using force when opening or closing, especially if resistance is present. This may cause the tailgate to stop working properly and get damaged completely.

In some cases, a tailgate lift may help when your tailgate appears to be stuck. This lets you open your vehicle easily without a remote. Be sure to get a universal tailgate lift, so it should work with your vehicle.

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Final Thoughts

When you encounter some Volvo XC60 power tailgate problems, there are some solutions you can choose from. Be sure to perform these techniques with great care and caution, so you can prevent further damage and make sure you get the results you expect.

8 thoughts on “Common Volvo XC60 Power Tailgate Problems You Should Know”

  1. Pull 20A fuse for electric tailgate. Fuse box in rear left hand side behind panel. Check fuse okay. Refit fuse and try to close and open tailgate with button on tailgate door. I found this worked for me. Pulling the fuse out checking it was good and refitting it back in place must somehow reset the electronics for the electric tailgate controller.

  2. My lift gate button doesn’t work but the remote and driver control works just fine. Any ideas? Is this something I can easily fix myself?

    • Hi Anthony,

      If your liftgate button is not working, but the remote and driver control work just fine, the issue could be a faulty button or a problem with the wiring or electrical system that controls the button. Here are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue: check the fuse, iInspect the button, check the wiring. If none of these steps resolve the issue, you may need to take your vehicle to a mechanic for further diagnosis and repair. It’s important to note that working on electrical systems can be dangerous and should only be done by those with the proper knowledge and training.


    • Hi Vlad,

      In most vehicles, including the 2015 Volvo XC60, the tailgate relay is typically located in the Central Control Module (CCM) or the Body Control Module (BCM). These modules are usually located in the passenger compartment, near the dashboard or under the steering column.

  3. Hi, having a problem with my 2016 XC60 tailgate. When closed, you either hit the button on the key, or hit the button right of the steering wheel or hit the button under the tailgate itself – it will open up about half way and stop. If you then hit the close button in the tailgate it doesnt do anything. If you hit the button right of the steering wheel, you can can hear the latch click but it doesnt close. If you hit the key button it doesnt do anything. So I have to manually close.

    I have checked all the forums – I’ve checked all the fuses (all OK); separately I have opened the tailgate right up and held down the tailgate close switch for 3-10 seconds; separately I have adisconnected battery; separately I have reset parking settings on dash; separately I have removed the tailgate close switch. There is no change – the tailgate does not close.

    Any ideas much appreciated!

    I think the struts are fine as they half open

    • Hi Gav,

      It sounds like you’ve already taken several troubleshooting steps to address the issue with your 2016 XC60 tailgate. Since you’ve ruled out some common causes, here are a few additional suggestions you might consider:

      Check for Obstructions:

      Inspect the tailgate area for any obstructions or items that might be blocking the closing mechanism. Make sure there’s nothing hindering the smooth movement of the tailgate.
      Sensor Calibration:

      Some vehicles have sensors that detect obstacles and prevent the tailgate from closing if an obstruction is present. Check your owner’s manual for any information on recalibrating or resetting these sensors.
      Tailgate Motor/Actuator Issues:

      The issue could be related to the motor or actuator responsible for closing the tailgate. If any of these components are malfunctioning, it might cause the symptoms you described. A professional inspection may be needed to diagnose and replace any faulty parts.
      Software Update:

      Contact your dealership to inquire about any available software updates for the vehicle’s control systems. Sometimes, issues with electronic components can be resolved through a software update.
      Diagnostic Scan:

      Have a diagnostic scan performed on the vehicle’s computer systems. This can help identify any error codes or issues that may not be immediately apparent through visual inspection.
      Visit the Dealership:

      If the issue persists, it may be worthwhile to take the vehicle to an authorized Volvo dealership or a qualified automotive technician. They have specialized tools and expertise to diagnose and repair complex electrical and mechanical issues.
      Since you’ve already tried several steps on your own, it’s possible that the problem requires a more in-depth diagnosis. If the vehicle is still under warranty, it’s advisable to contact the dealership for assistance. They may have specific procedures or updates that can address this issue.


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