What Are Common Volvo Link Hardware Failure Issues?

Have you ever wondered about the Volvo Link hardware failure issue?

If you are concerned about your vehicle, and you are looking to learn more about how to deal with it, then it helps to be aware of what to expect.

Basically, the Volvo Link system ensures a satellite communication between the driver and your fleet. This includes several components such as the GPS antenna, ECU, wiring harnesses, and the cable. There may also be a dash switch, which makes sure there is a communication between your fleet software and your vehicle.

Hence, this makes for easier troubleshooting and monitoring as possible.

To gain a better understanding of the Volvo Link hardware failure, it helps to be aware of how the system works and some issues that you may encounter along the way. Let’s get started.

volvo link hardware failure

Volvo Link Hardware Failure You Should KNow

As we have mentioned earlier, your Volvo Link system offers a satellite communication between you and your fleet. There is a hardware installed on your vehicle, and you need to subscribe to a service that’s web-based, so you can fully utilize this system. 

If you encounter an issue with the Volvo Link hardware failure, there are a few reasons for this. Do take note that your engine fault comes with an aftertreatment system 1 SCR conversion efficiency codes. This system utilizes a 1-box configuration while the 1 SCR stands for the selective catalytic reduction. Moreover, the SCR is a type of active emissions control, and this injects a type of liquid reductant through your catalyst and into your exhaust. This fluid is known as the Diesel Exhaust Fluid or the DEF.

In the event that you notice your check engine light switches on, while at the same time getting this error message, then you need to contact your Administrator to schedule an engine inspection and check. 

Do keep in mind that this Volvo Link hardware failure is fairly typical. In fact, Volvo has released a bulleting because not a lot of owners use this Volvo Link system. What this bulletin does is to allow programming right out of your system. Hence, you can prevent this concerning message from constantly showing up. But the good news is that it has no impact on the vehicle’s performance. You can also update the software in your unit when there is a need for a temporary repair. Thus, the message will be prevented from showing up ever so frequently. 

As for the best fix you can look into, there are simple ways to do it. For instance, you may need to use the devtool and make a parameter “BID” that is programmable in your instrument cluster. Then, go to the programming option and choose the instrument cluster. Look for the parameter BID and change it from 171 to 0. Another option would be to unplug your Volvo link. In some cases, the Volvo link creates some communication issues, which is an issue for some people.

Additional Points To Consider

One thing to note about the Volvo Link is that messages will be received at your vehicle from your fleet operator. When you have the message received by your Volvo Link ECU, you will be notified through the INFO lamp, and then there is a message showing up in the graphic display of your instrument cluster. Once the message shows up, and you have read it, then you just need to press the button that says “ESC” which also turns the INFO lamp off. You can also choose to read the message when you stop the vehicle. 

If you wish to view saved message, you can choose the Volvo Link option followed by Read Messages located in the graphic display. You should be able to see the messages one at a time and the recent message will appear first. When you have the latest message displayed, you can toggle the up and down buttons that will allow you to check the other messages. 

When you have a full buffer, and there is a new message received, this will automatically delete the oldest message. And as the vehicle is in motion, only the last message can be received and displayed – but this is the case with a priority message. When you have access to see this message as you drive, you should be able to view it. Otherwise, you can only read it once you have stopped the vehicle to be able to read the message.

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Wrap Up

The Volvo Link hardware failure may be experienced at one point or another in every Volvo owner’s life. Thankfully, there are ways to go about this issue as discussed in this post. The most important thing is to make sure that you get this checked early on and have the issue resolved to avoid any inconveniences that may persist. We hope this post has been helpful for your concerns.

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