Common Signs Of A Bad Truck Air Compressor

Before things get worse, it is important to pay attention to signs of a bad truck air compressor. When you deal with these signs sooner than later, then you can spare yourself from potential trouble that may occur with critical issues not addressed first-hand.

With the temperature getting warm, combined with your truck AC not working as it should, this may render the unit useless because of the bad AC compressor.

So, if you are looking to find some signs of a bad truck AC before it is too late, keep reading to learn more. Let’s get started.

Understanding The Air Compressor

Your truck’s AC compressor is a crucial component of the air conditioning system. This is what creates heat as it puts air conditioning refrigerant at a very high pressure. Thus, it increases the pressure on fluid while at the same time able to transport this fluid right through the pipe.

Since gas can be compressed, your compressor also minimizes the gas volume. On the other hand, liquids are not compressible with the exception of others, which is why the pump pressurizes and transports liquids.

There are two ports in your AC compressor, which are the discharge and suction. The one with a bigger diameter hole is the suction port and this causes the refrigerant to get sucked into your compressor. It is then compressed and released through your outlet and heads for the condenser. There are various valves, bearings, and passageways in the compressor.

At your condenser, the medium’s temperature is quite high and the fan blows your condenser while vapor liquid gets cool and condensed into its liquid form under low temperature and high pressure.

Then, there is a continuous circulation of the liquid refrigerant to the filter. The refrigerant also becomes purified as impurities and moisture are absorbed. As for the expansion valve, this regulates the liquid’s flow into the evaporation and lowers refrigerant pressure. Because the pressure drops, liquid turns into vapor into your evaporator.

Signs Of A Bad Truck Air Compressor

signs of a bad truck air compressor

Many things can go wrong to your truck’s air compressor. Thankfully, there are some symptoms to pay attention to, which can help you prevent things from getting worse. Here they are.

1. Cabin temperatures are higher than normal

One of the initial signs that your AC compressor is going bad is when there is no more cold air blowing out of the unit. This means that your compressor has already failed and is unable to regulate the flow of refrigerant in your AC system. Thus, the unit no longer functions as it should.

The temperature inside your truck gets higher while the airflow from your AC unit is hot. But it could also be that there is a refrigerant leak, or the refrigerant level is low, or the compressor has gone bad and must be replaced.

2. Loud noise

As the compressor runs, you may hear a loud noise that kicks on and off. Moreover, it can be a loud noise you hear when you first switch the AC on. There are various interior components in your AC compressor and there is a sealed bearing used for these parts to turn. But when any of these components break, as well as a failure to the AC compressor’s bearings, then you can hear various noises. The only way to address this is to replace the compressor.

3. Moisture leaking

The refrigerant is what helps your air conditioning system to produce cold air out of warm air. But if there is a leak, then this not only raises harmful health issues because of the chemical component but also raises energy consumption.

4. Idle compressor clutch

Your compressor clutch causes the pulley to disengage and engage from the engine power. Hence, the compressor turns only when needed. It also keeps your compressor activated. But once the clutch breaks, this prevents your compressor from receiving engine power. By simply replacing the clutch, this is a low-cost repair work for a faulty compressor.

5. Circuit breaker tends to trip

When the external condensing unit tends to lose power and trips the circuit, it may mean that your AC compressor is having problems. The overheating draws far too much power and causes your circuit breaker to turn off.

However, you should not simply reset the circuit break or turn it back on. Its job is to protect from fire hazards that an overheated compressor may cause, so it is best to get the compressor issue sorted out sooner than later.

6. Damaged wire

Some damages to the wiring can also be a sign of a bad truck air compressor. When there are damages to the wire, this can be a possible electrical fire issue. When there are electrical problems that your AC unit ends up being exposed to, this means that your compressor is not receiving the right amount of voltage. Hence, the compressor becomes faulty and will require a replacement.

7. Suction lines are broken

It is possible for a block to the refrigerant line to happen when you have a faulty compressor. Thus, the airflow in your cabin becomes warm. You can simply have a mechanic unblock the refrigerant lines, yet if there is a far greater problem involved, then these lines may need to be replaced.

Cost Of Fixing A Bad Truck Air Compressor

Once the air compressor has been checked and diagnosed, you can now have an idea on the possible costs involved. Do keep in mind that it is a very important component of your vehicle, which means that replacing it is never cheap.

For instance, a compressor replacement should cost you about $800 to over $1,200. This includes the cost of a brand new compressor, and the labor cost is about $200.

With these things in mind, it is important to check carefully your compressor when some symptoms are observed. When there is a refrigerant leak, it does not only cause damage to the compressor but also to your health. This is in addition to the inability of your AC system to cool the air in the cabin.

Hence, never ignore these symptoms or once you have noticed that the compressor is not functioning properly. Otherwise, the entire AC system may suffer. If it is only a damaged wire, then the problem should be fixed right away since ignoring it would cause the other parts to fail and lead to a more costly repair work.

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Wrap Up

It is important to pay attention to the signs of a bad truck air compressor the moment you have noticed any of these. When you remedy the issue sooner, you can spare yourself from greater issues that can lead to more expenses and a longer repair job. So, inspect your Ac compressor for problems, get the issue fixed straight away by a mechanic, and you can ensure the proper functioning and longer lifespan of your truck’s air compressor.

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