Mack Mdrive Transmission Problems That May Surprise You!

You may be curious about some Mack Mdrive transmission problems.

Generally, the mDrive is a reliable vehicle that is suitable for commercial applications. In fact, it is a dependable piece of work that gained much popularity over the years from buyers of bigger trucks. This was the case with the automated manual transmission, and is even more popular now with the low-ratio gears incorporated. Hence, it is much more capable than before and ideal for folks who operate vocational trucks.

The mDrive offers numerous possibilities while some challenges to drivers. There are some transmission problems to be aware of, yet there are also several benefits and selling points that it offers. Keep reading to discover these.

The Basics Of The Mack mDrive

There are many impressive features to the Mack Mdrive such as the ease of operation, which makes it much more comfortable and simpler to drive a truck. This also opens up staffing to more drivers. Since the mDrive is automated, this leads to a reduced wear and tear issue for drivers, allowing them to focus on their job and reduce accidents.

Furthermore, the mDrive automated manual transmission is crafted from a proven technology and impeccable design. This minimizes the need for service, which also positively impacts your maintenance costs and bottom line.

And with the constant monitoring and intuitive shift strategies to the mDrive, this reduces stress on your driveline. It helps to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle and its transmission, which means amazing benefits to your bottom line.

The automated manual transmission eliminates the clutch pedal. This is why shifting is carried out by engine integration and intelligent software. This constantly monitors any change in the vehicle speed, torque demand, acceleration, and grade, along with the combination of air resistance and vehicle weight. All of these things optimize fuel economy as you drive.

Mack mDrive Transmission Problems

mack mdrive transmission problems

One issue with the Mack mDrive is that the transmission must be recalibrated once you have it replaced. The clutch position tends to change when you replace it with a brand new clutch.

The best way to go about it is to have your vehicle towed to your dealer and get the clutch recalibrated. It is also important to get the MID 130 updated. Although you should be able to replace or repair the transmission or clutch yourself, you still need to take your vehicle to your dealer to have the transmission reprogrammed or recalibrated after the replacement.

Moreover, when you tow the vehicle, you should remove the driveline. Buying a new transmission is also likely to happen if there is far too much damage.

Another thing that some people experience is that the transmission tends to growl when you put it on high gear whether empty or under load. The growl sound usually occurs at about 1600 RPM or even when as low as 1200 RPM. This noise is a bit similar to the sound you make when you drive on rumble strips but less loud.

If you notice this issue, then it could be that it is height-related. You can try changing the leveling valve, which may help with the problem. Changing your rotating assembly or drive shafts can also help.

But if your drive shafts are unbalanced, or there is a worn U-joint, then these issues will transfer through your transmission. With a bad U-joint, however, you need to get the yokes replaced. If you do not address this soon enough, it can take a bearing out in your transmission.

It is also worth noting that high gear means overdrive in the mDrive transmission. If it does not quite do it in direct, then it could be an issue with the internal components of the transmission. Something in your overdrive gear train may be to blame such as the bearing. Vibrations and noises can be heard at any speed. Do take note that when the entire transmission has burned up, this can cause noise, as well.

Another transmission problem with the Mack mDrive is when it does not have power or engagement in even numbered gears. It can RPM to 1000, yet without any power. On the other hand, the odd-numbered gears work fine, yet it moves to even gears and gets stuck without power.

But unless you observe any clunking or grinding sounds, it could be a computer or electrical issue. Otherwise, it is only a solenoid issue and it is unlikely that a brand new transmission is needed.

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Bottom Line

The Mack mDrive transmission offers numerous benefits to operators because of the ease of operation, less need for frequent maintenance, and fuel efficiency.

On the other hand, there are some issues that people experience with the mDrive transmission such as not having power or engagement, growling noises, or starting issues after getting the clutch replaced. This is why it is best to take your vehicle to a mechanic to have the issue diagnosed, so you can get the problem fixed by an expert sooner than later and prevent further damage from developing.

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