Range Rover Mirrors Not Folding When Locking – What To Do About It

Range Rover mirrors not folding when locking can be a bit of a nuisance.

After all, you rely on this feature for ease and convenience. So, if it is not working right, it limits the functionality of your vehicle. 

With that being said, let us look into the reasons why your Range Rover mirror may not be folding whenever you lock it. We enumerate the common causes of this issue and what you can do about it.

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range rover mirrors not folding when locking

Range Rover Mirrors Not Folding When Locking

Any driver understands that side mirrors are essential when it comes to driving with ease and safety.

Moreover, when you park your vehicle, you want to make sure that your side mirrors fold as they should. This prevents damage in case another vehicle is parked too close to yours. But what can you do when your mirrors fail to fold when locking? What causes this problem and what can you do about it?

The mirror control switch is responsible for switching the power and the electrical ground of the motors in these mirrors. Thus, they are able to move. When you select one of your mirrors and then push the switch up, this causes the mirror to go up as a result of the electrical contacts connecting power and ground to the respective mirror motor. The same action happens when you select your mirror to move to the right or left, or when you want to fold it.

But when there is a switch failure, or you notice signs of a failure, you may notice some warning symptoms or signs. Thus, you will be alerted when the mirror control switch requires a replacement or repair, which is to be done by a specialist. 

Here are among the signs of a problem with your mirror control switch.

1. Mirror can adjust down and up but unable to adjust left or right

If you notice that your mirror is capable of adjusting from the top to bottom, yet it cannot move sideways, it is potentially an electrical fault in the switch. There may also be a problem with the electrical relay or switch that delivers the signal to your motor, which then operates your mirror. 

In case you experience this symptom, you need to have a certified mechanic to take a look for it and check your switch for potential damage. What the specialist will do is to replace your switch, which is usually the cause of the problem that leads to this symptom.

2. Mirror can be adjusted sideways but not down or up.

This is the opposite situation of the problem above. In this case, you can have the mirror fold but it cannot move up or down. If the mirror has an inconsistent function, it may mean that your mirror switch has a faulty circuit. This is also a possible sign of a connection or wire issue external to your switch. You can conduct a more thorough check of the broken switch in the mirror system, which should help you determine why this problem has been happening.

3. Mirrors fail to adjust completely.

Now, if you are unable to adjust your mirror whether up or down or sideways, it is usually a human error. The switch comes with a neutral setting, which you may have bumped by your arm. Thus, it disables the switch and simply locks it up. There is no power flowing through your switch and to the motors of the mirrors. Unfortunately, these switches cannot be repaired and the only option you have is to have them replaced by a certified mechanic.

4. Mirrors can only be adjusted from the master switch and not the passenger switch

There are many reasons why this happens. For instance, you have your mirror lockout switch set in neutral, or you have a faulty slave switch, or perhaps there is no power at all to your slave switch. Additionally, there may be a fault to the circuits between the master and passenger switch. In this case, you have to contact a mechanic to have a diagnostic test done.

This is needed to identify if you need to have the mirror control switch replaced. Then, it can be carried out by the specialist properly to completely fix the issue.

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Final Thoughts

Generally, your mirrors should fold when locking. These mirrors can be folded on demand with the press of a mirror control on the door. Upon manipulating this control, it should cause the mirrors to fold right in and toward the glass. Then a second press of the control will unfold your mirrors and turn the control light off.

However, if you manually fold your power-folding mirrors, you may fail to have these work properly even when you have repositioned them. This is why a reset is necessary.

You need to do a reset if you notice the mirrors appear quite loose, or they tend to vibrate as you drive, or they do not stay in the unfolded or folded position. Additionally, one of your mirrors may not be in a normal driving position.

When resetting the power folding function, you can use your mirror control in folding and unfolding your mirrors. Once you have heard a loud sound, this means that the mirrors have been reset. Repeat the process as necessary whenever you have the mirrors folded manually.

However, if none of these tips work, it may be time to contact a certified mechanic to have the issue diagnosed accordingly. If there are parts to be repaired or replaced, it is best to have this taken care of by a specialist who knows exactly how it is done to ensure the outcome you want.

Having a properly working set of mirrors is important not only for your safety but also for ease of mind. So, be sure to have the problem addressed sooner than later by the right professional.

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