Lights Not Flashing When Locking Car? Causes & Solutions

Lights not flashing when locking car can be a concern for some vehicle owners. After all, the lights are what keep you alerted if the car’s locked or not after you press the lock button.

So, why does it not flash, anyway? Is there anything wrong or something you are not doing right?

We investigate on this problem and share with you possible causes behind this situation and what you can do about it. Let’s get started.

Lights Not Flashing When Locking Car

lights not flashing when locking car

You locked your car by pressing the switch button on your remote. But there’s one problem – the flashing light did not show up.

Is there anything you’re missing here?

We have heard some people experience this situation, and it is concerning since the lights are what notify them if the car is indeed locked or not.

Now, the corner lights usually flash, along with the parking lights. So, what you can do is to make sure that you have everything closed up such as the hood.

Most importantly, it is the hood latch that’s not hooked right that causes this issue with lights not flashing when locking car. You need to check the hood latch, and it should be plugged in correctly.

Start by lifting the hood and then check the wire that’s usually unplugged. Now, you would want to plug the wire back in, and you could then shut your hood tight.

Next, check the idle light and it should be off. At this point, when you press the button again, the light should be flashing already.

Other Reasons Why Lights Are Not Flashing When Locking Car

The hood not sealed right is only one possible reason why the lights don’t flash when you lock your car.

In some cases, it could be that the door lock is faulty or your hatch lock does not work right, or it could also be an issue with the alarm module.

All of these things contribute to the problem with lights not flashing when you lock your car.

So, it makes sense to check these components, test which one is causing the problem, and then you can proceed to the right steps that will help you get your vehicle lights working properly.

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Is It A Serious Concern?

Now, you may be wondering – what’s wrong, anyway, if the lights don’t flash? Does it mean there is a serious problem with your vehicle?

For the most part, it is merely an inconvenience. After all, you rely on the lights to let you know if the vehicle is locked, especially when you park it on the street or the parking lot.

This saves you from having to check each door and making sure that they are all locked. Other than that, it is not a big deal. But it sure would be good to have this problem checked just to make sure everything else is in order. A visit to a professional mechanic should help you address this problem correctly.

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