Why Are My Rear Car Speakers So Quiet? Smart Fixes You Can Do

I have been asked over and over, “Why are my rear car speakers so quiet?”

Perhaps you would like to pump up the volume a bit, just so you could enjoy your music more. Or you simply want to have an immersive music-listening experience as you drive your car.

Whatever it may be, having the rear car speakers working properly makes sense.

So, if you are bewildered by your rear car speakers not performing at their optimal function, then keep reading. We lay out some quick fixes – and other more complex ones – that you can do to make it work as it should.

why are my rear car speakers so quiet

Why Are My Rear Car Speakers So Quiet?

It can be annoying and even frustrating when certain things about your vehicle is not working well. For instance, the rear car speakers may be malfunctioning and not providing the best of their audio capacity.

Thankfully, you can easily solve this issue with some work.

1. Install an external amplifier.

The first thing you might want to consider is to set up an external amplifier in your car. This solution should quickly fix the quiet sound you are currently getting.

Run the power and connect the external amplifier with the plus located on the battery. Position the fuse holder right onto your car battery. Then, you can connect the next side of the power wire and then into the amplifier’s terminal voltage.

It is a matter of installing the new external amplifier right, which also allows you to make the audio much crisper, louder, and more immersive.

You will also need to connect the speaker wires. Then, run the wire into the car door, as this will make the audio cleaner with less distortion involved.

2. Check the cables.

Sometimes, it is really just a matter of making sure the cables are all in the right location and that they are in good working condition. So, you will have to inspect them all and in case some of them are corroded or damaged.

If it is only a matter of the cables not being in the right position, then simply pull them out and re-insert in the appropriate place.

Loose cables can be a typical issue why your car audio is a bit problematic. So, if you could double check the cables and all the connections and make sure they are all working right, then your rear car speakers should not be so quiet, either.

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Final Thoughts

These are just some suggestions why your rear car speakers are quiet. It could be an issue with the cables, the connection, or perhaps the need for an external amplifier to make sure the audio is on par with how you want it to be.

With just a few simple fixes and steps, you can get your rear car speakers working as they should and help you have an excellent audio immersive experience you’ve always wanted.

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