Nissan Juke Making Noise When Accelerating? Here Are The Possible Causes

Are you concerned about your Nissan Juke making noise when accelerating?

It is never a fun thing to deal with, which is why you want to be sure that you get the problem addressed sooner than later.

But overall, the Nissan Juke is a well-known and highly-regarded subcompact vehicle. It comes with a good exterior, and it is also fuel-efficient, dependable and fairly inexpensive.

Although there are many pleasant things about this car, some issues can be expected in some cases. Here are the common reasons why your Nissan Juke may be making such noises when accelerating. Let’s dive right into it.

nissan juke making noise when accelerating

Why Is Your Nissan Juke Making Noise When Accelerating?

There are plenty of causes for the noise your Nissan Juke is producing when you accelerate. Find out more about these below:

1. Bad Timing Chain

For the most part, a bad timing chain can cause the noise when you are accelerating. You will notice that the noise gets louder and louder as you step on the gas. Moreover, the motor may fail to respond to your throttle as you speed up. If you fail to get this issue fixed, your timing chain can completely fail and cause some stalling issues.

In addition to these, some key components including the crankshaft can get heavily impacted. This is why you should not delay replacing your timing chain, especially to avoid the chain from snapping, which can require a total engine change. If you need to replace the entire engine, it can set you back up to $8000 while a timing chain replacement is about $1500.

2. Oil Level Is Low

Another reason why your Nissan Juke is making noise when accelerating is that you need to top up the oil level. Generally, these vehicles tend to use up too much oil, and when it goes below normal, it could mean there is a valve or piston problem or even a leak. 

When the oil level is low, this can lead to a reduced oil pressure. Thus, your engine parts will not be properly lubricated and friction can arise, which causes a ticking noise as you accelerate.

One way to tell if there is an oil leak is by observing the area where you have your vehicle parked. When you notice that the leak smells like oil, or you have just topped up, yet the oil level quickly goes down, then this could be the reason behind the noise.

Either get the oil filled up or have a mechanic check for oil leaks. You may also have to replace some worn-out gaskets, piston rings, or seals. Also, avoid using poor-quality engine oils that can cause leaks.

3. Faulty Lifters

When you have hydraulic lifter issues, you may encounter some noise problems when accelerating. This is why you need to have a mechanic check your lifters after inspecting the oil level.

In addition to ticking noises, you can tell that your lifters are faulty when you notice a cylinder failure or an engine misfire. This is why it is best to get your hydraulic lifter replaced, which can set you back around $500

4. Exhaust Manifold Leaks

Your Nissan Juke relies heavily on your exhaust manifold. When there is a damage to this component, you may notice that your Nissan Juke tends to produce a ticking sound as you accelerate. Moreover, the waste coming from your combustion chamber is let out through the manifold. This will cause a leak when there is damage to this component. 

One thing you can do is to determine if there is a leak, which can be observed by a power decrease. If the exhaust noise is getting loud, it is another sign that there is a manifold leak. Once you have determined that the problem is with an exhaust manifold leak, you can work on getting this repaired, which should cost you around $400 up to $600.

5. Wheel Issues

Now, this is another potential reason behind your Nissan Juke making noise when accelerating. When your suspension and wheel have problems, then noise can be heard as you accelerate. Unfortunately, this is a very dangerous issue to deal with, especially when it occurs while you are on the freeway. Wheel-related problems could cause run-down struts, loose hubcaps or damage to your CV joint.

When you notice these issues, you need to have your wheels repaired, which can be pretty cheap and easy. But if the CV joints have to be replaced, this can cost about $800 or about $500 when your CV boot still works.

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Wrapping Up

These are just some of the common reasons behind the Nissan Juke making noise when accelerating. It is important to have these issues resolved the moment you notice any symptoms. Thus, you can prevent accidents and more expensive repairs to your vehicle.

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  1. I purchased two nissan juke from autocom Japan but one is making small noise when I start moving in first gear wen I checked the engine oil was almost low level and I top up but the noise steel on chassis yfn-061601.


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