Common Hyundai 8 Speed Transmission Problems And How To Fix

Hyundai 8 speed transmission problems can indeed be concerning.

And the worst part is that many people are not exempt from these issues. In fact, there are a number of Hyundai car owners who complain about their vehicles acting strange.

So, if you are currently experiencing these problems, it may help to keep reading to learn more about these. Here are among the typical issues linked with the Hyundai 8 speed transmission and what can be done about them.

hyundai 8 speed transmission problems

Hyundai 8 Speed Transmission Problems

As we have mentioned earlier, transmission problems with the Hyundai are fairly common. Among these issues are hesitation when accelerating, stalling, loss of power and difficulty in shifting gears. These are indeed difficult issues to deal with, this is why it is important to have these addressed sooner than later.

For instance, there were complaints about the check engine lights turning on. This happens because of the purge control valve flowing slowly. Hence, the need for a repair or a replacement may have to be resolved.

Furthermore, there were other concerns such as the engine rattling, dual clutch seems to be stuck on fifth gear, and acceleration issues.

The transmission also fails and there are folks who claim that their transmission fails to go on reverse or drive. Thus, the car had to be towed because of these serious malfunctioning issues.

In the case of another owner, they claim that the vehicle runs slowly and the transmission does not change. Shifting gears is difficult and there is always a hesitation problem when accelerating. Stalling and power loss are apparent, as well as the fuel consumption going up quickly. Then, there is the strange issue with the front windshield fogging up.

To make things even worse, these issues were observed in a vehicle that is only 50,000 miles. With the warranty nearing expiration, it is indeed a hassle to have to go through all of these things.

Another complaint is that the car stops for a while then runs once more. The gearshift position is not shown correctly in the actual gearshift position, and yet it shows differently on the screen. 

For another person, the vehicle was taken to the dealer at only 3000 miles and was due for an oil change. Transmission issues were observed such as rough shifting – it also continued even at 7500 miles, which means the problem was not resolved even after taking it to the mechanic.

Next up, there were operator errors showing up on their vehicle. This happened quite a few times and this nearly caused an accident. It also nearly left one stranded because of the stalling issues. The transmission went out and then it was replaced. But even after that, it repeatedly goes out with only under 40,000 miles and even after replacing the transmission.

Transmission Issues With the Hyundai

Transmission issues With the hyundai

Dealing with the Hyundai 8 speed transmission problems is never an easy nor an efficient thing to do. In fact, the problem continues to worsen if you have not yet warmed the transmission and engine. 

Others noticed some signs of issues such as bad gas mileage, stuttering clutch, and poor shifting. Hence, a transmission reprogramming had to be done, yet this did not solve the issue at all. 

In the case of another owner of a Hyundai Santa Fe, a transmission failure almost led to an accident. The car stopped, and then the driver moved her shifter to the P position coming from D. This caused the car to stop and then she opened her door without turning the engine off or setting up the emergency brake. Upon stepping out of the vehicle, the car moved in reverse, which was a scary ordeal. 

With issues like these, it is important to have your vehicle serviced and checked by a specialist. This way, you can have any problems remedied before they get worse and to prevent serious accidents from happening.

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Bottom Line

Overall, there are quite a few Hyundai 8 speed transmission problems that could use some remedy. This is why it is best to pay close attention to signs of issues and have them addressed before things take a turn to the worst.

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