Hyundai Both Headlights Went Out

I know of a friend driving a Hyundai when suddenly both headlights went out. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be very much concerned why this happened.

Moreover, experiencing this issue at night can definitely be a crucial safety risk.

Why does this happen and what can you do about it?

If you are in this dilemma, or you want to be prepared to tackle this issue once this happens, here are certain things you can do to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

hyundai both headlights went out

Hyundai Both Headlights Went Out – Why This Occurs

For the most part, both headlights that immediately stop working could detect an electrical issue. It is also possible that the bulbs have a physical problem, which means you need to determine what’s causing it.

Here are some common causes and solutions you can explore when you experience an issue with both headlights going out in your Hyundai vehicle.

1. Burned Out Bulb

A typical reason behind the headlight failure is that your bulbs have burned out. If this is the issue, then the only thing left for you to do is to get a bulb replacement.

However, if this problem persists, then the issue could run deeper than that. It could be a fuse or wiring concern, along with some associated components malfunctioning.

2. Issue With Ground Or Power

When neither one of the headlights are turning on, then the ground and power could be to blame. If this is the cause, get it checked and fixed by a professional mechanic. It is common for headlight failures to arise because of a bad fuse or module. Poor wiring can also prevent the headlights from working well.

3. Dimmed Headlights

Perhaps the headlights are not totally out, yet they start out dim until they eventually fail to light up. If this is the case then perhaps the lenses are foggy, the bulbs are worn out, or the charging system is not working right.

You can fix this issue by either cleaning your lenses, getting the charging system fixed, or replacing the bulbs altogether. It is also worth checking other potential causes such as relay or wiring issues, as well as a bad switch.

Should You Fix The Problem Yourself?

It is important to note that headlights rely on key components to run such as the switch, relay, fuse, and bubs. There are also some variations depending on the vehicle’s model, yet the basics are the same.

Basically, the switch activates the relay upon turning the headlights on. Then, the relay provides your bulbs and battery with an electrical connection. Fuses also come into play, which protects the wiring.

But if these components don’t work well, the headlights also fail to function. Hence, it is good to retrace your steps and backtrack to determine what to troubleshoot.

Generally, you can easily fix a headlight bulb that burned out. However, this is only the case when you have basic tools and proper diagnostic equipment such as a voltmeter and screwdriver.

In case you have none of these on hand, then you may want to drive your car over to a mechanic. The professional will first inspect your vehicle, check the relays, switch, and fuses before coming up with a diagnosis.

Additional Tips You Need To Consider

It is relatively quick and easy to replace a bulb that burned out. Yet, do take note that the diagnostic procedure takes longer. In some cases, it can take an hour or so, depending on how complex the issue is.

If only one headlight is not working, then it could be an issue with a bulb that burned out. However, having both going out could be more serious. The electrical connector may have corroded or incurred damages. Also, the connector may be loose, which means you can simply push it back for an easy fix.

And the big question is – why did it come loose to start with, anyway? That’s another thing worth looking into since the headlight problem may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Generally, having both lights going out means the bulbs aren’t bad. You may want to check if the headlights are getting enough power, which you can do so by using a voltmeter.

Also, you may want to check the fuse. Your headlights may have a couple of fuses, so you need to check them all. A blown fuse simply means you need to have it replaced and the problem is solved. But be sure to use a new fuse with a similar amperage rating to prevent catastrophic issues.

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Final Words

Having both headlights of your Hyundai vehicle is a safety issue, especially when driving at night.

If you experience this issue, be sure to apply the tips we have presented for you. And in the case of a deeper problem, make it a point to have a professional mechanic conduct proper diagnosis and get the issue addressed correctly. This way, you can stay safe on the road and spare yourself from unnecessary major expenses in case things go downhill.

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